Kitesurfing Sardinia with KiteGeneration

Are you coming to Sardinia for your next Holidays and are you looking for something exciting?

Learn to kitesurf with KiteGeneration, Kiteschool in Cagliari, Sardinia!

About KiteGeneration, Kite Center in Sardinia

Kitesurfing Sardinia with KiteGeneration

KiteGeneration kiteschool in Sardinia

KiteGeneration is a kiteschool based in Cagliari, Sardinia, that has been founded in 2009 with the aim to promote sea and beach sport activities.

KiteGeneration organizes:

in Souther Sardinia all year round.

Kitesurfing lessons and services

Kitesurfing Sardinia | Kite Lessons

Kitesurfing Sardinia | Kite Lessons

Would you like to learn kitesurfing, a sport that you have seen and you have been fascinated?

KiteGeneration proposes the following kite courses and Services:

  1. Beginner Mini Kite Course
  2. Beginner Kite Course
  3. Advanced / Intermediate / Refresher Kite Course
  4. Kite Camp Sardinia (Kitesurfing Holiday)
  5. Kite Hydrofoil / Race Lessons
  6. Kite Rental

All the instructors of KiteGeneration use for Kite Lessons and Courses the professional teaching methodology of IKO and FIV (recognized by ISAF, the International SAiling Federation).

Beaches where kitesurfing lessons and services take place

Our main kite spot is Poetto beach, the beach of Cagliari,  that offer perfect conditions for all sea sports.

In any case, every day we choose the kite spot where to teach kitesurf depending on wind conditions and direction. 

In fact Sardinia is a very windy island (for more info on weather conditions in Sardinia have a look at this article) but we can’t guarantee the availability of wind always in the same kite spot. We can instead always reach a windy spot!

That is why we do something like a kite Safari: we follow the wind to different kite spots in order we can kitesurf every day! An unique experience that no other kiteschools can offer!

Depending on wind conditions, the spots where we teach kitesurf are:


And in the no wind days? What we will do? SUP, Snorkeling and Tours!

SUP, Snorkeling and Tours

KiteGeneration, in partnership with VisitourSardinia, propose also:

  • SUP Lessons and Tours
  • Boat and Snorkeling Tours
  • Beaches Tours

Why choose Sardinia, Cagliari and KiteGeneration?

Would you like to learn to kitesurf in Sardinia?

Here below some reasons why you should get your holidays in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) and kitesurfing Sardinia with KiteGeneration!

  • Value for Money: KiteGeneration guarantee unbeatable standards and prices for kitesurfing lessons and services. Students’ satisfaction is our top priority!
  • Ongoing support: joining to KiteGeneration, you will get an ongoing support (eg: support on tips and tricks) by KiteGeneration Team and other kiters!
  • Big experience of instructors.
  • Great weather for holidays and sports: Cagliari and Sardinia are famous for their statistics on wind, nice temperatures and fantastic beaches and sea.
  • Perfect position of Cagliari: Cagliari, facing “Golfo degli Angeli”, is located in a central position in respect to the east coast (Villasimius, Costa Rei), the West Coast (Funtanamare, Porto Botte and Sant’Antioco) and the South Coast (Chia) of Sardinia.
  • History and Culture: Cagliari and Sardinia have a big amount of history and cultural, artistic and natural places.
  • Cagliari nightlife: Cagliari becomes the center of meetings and nightlife specially on the warm summer evenings
  • America’s Cup: Cagliari has been choosen by Luna Rossa for training America’s Cup 2017!

Combine kitesurfing, sport, culture and fun and get an unique kitesurfing holiday with KiteGeneration!

kiteboard Course Racing World Championship 2012 in Cagliari – Day 2 

Kitesurfing Sardinia with KiteGeneration
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9 thoughts on “Kitesurfing Sardinia with KiteGeneration

  1. Sevi

    I took a kite beginners course of 8 hours while i was staying on Sardinia. Although the weather was bad somedays and there wasn’t much wind, the KiteGeneration Team managed to find some windy spots: I could take my kite lessons within 4 days.
    I would highly recommend this kite school of Sardinia if you’re interested in kite courses.

  2. Amra

    I was in Sardinia in July and my Kite Course was an unforgettable experience.
    I had a beginner kite course and Kitesurfing with KiteGeneration was AMAZING!!! I learned Kitesurfing very fast and with no troubles about to fail.
    As next, I want to say a little bit about Cagliari… It is very nice and peacefully place with a beautiful sea, kind people, amazing places and more.
    Definitely a highly recommended to had a holiday in Cagliari and to enjoy a kitesurfing course in Sardinia with KiteGeneration.

  3. Mirza Korac

    I had great time learning Kitesurfing in Sardinia. You are an incredible team, thanks to give me the possibility to learn kitesurf easily. Thanks for your professionalism and friendship. For me and my friends it has been an amazing experience. 
    Go in Sardinia and kite surf with this kite school!

  4. Joe Hann

    You are incredible Guys!
    KiteGeneration offer me great possibility to organize my vacation in Sardinia with Kitesurf, SUP ad Fun! All in a really cool and alternative way.
    I learned to Kitesurf (for sure I have to improve my level 🙂 ) in a very professional way. The teachers had a lot of patience during my Kite course and wthen, in the evening, they let me enjoy Cagliari and Sardinia, during the evening and the nights, in a very authentic way.
    In the no wind days I did Stand Up Paddling and Boat tours: amazing!

  5. Christophe Ull

    I am really satisfied with the kite course i had in Sardinia with kite Generation.
    Incredible team, professional, serious and funny at the same time.
    All the material, kite, board, harness are really new and best quality.
    The kite spots where I have learned kitesurfing are perfect to learn to kitesurf!
    If you like to kitesurf in Sardinia and Cagliari, I higly recommend KiteGeneration!!

  6. Nathalie

    During our holiday in Sardinia we had a kitesurfing course with KiteGeneration.
    we Had tons of fun learning to control the kite and step by step get closer to the waterstart (which makes the hard learing process really worth it). The team is very professional friendly and funny. They make you feel at home 🙂
    We took a 3 days Kite course and all managed to stay on the board for a bit. Thank you kiteGeneration


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