About Kitegeneration and Team

KiteGeneration, kitesurf school based in Cagliari, Sardinia, has been founded in 2009, by people driven by the passion for the sea, with the aim to promote sea and beach activities.

KiteGeneration proposes:

in whole Southern Sardinia all year ’round.

Our main kite spot is Poetto beach, the beach of Cagliari,  that offer perfect conditions for all sea sports.

In any case, every day we choose the kite spot where to teach kitesurf depending on wind conditions and direction. Depending on wind conditions, the spots where we teach kitesurf are:

KiteGeneration Team

In line with KiteGeneration’s philosophy, KiteGeneration Team welcomes anyone who wishes to join us for kitesurfing the wind and the waves, for meeting other kiters and sharing needs, advices, tips and the passion for the sea!

Here below some picture of the team.

About Kitegeneration and Team
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