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Press Conference of 2017 Kite Foil World Champioship in Cagliari, Sardinia

Kite Foil Champioship in Cagliari, Sardinia

Today 4 October 2017 is the registration Day. At 18:00 h there will be the Open Ceremony.  

The Sardinia Grand Slam, final stage of Kite Foil Gold Cup have been presented yesterday at Sardinian Tourist board in Cagliari  and will under go from tomorrow at the suggestive location of Poetto Beach of Cagliari (Fidth Bus Stop, Italian Army Bathhouse). 

 The event is organized by GLE (Good Looking Entertainment) with technical support from Yacht Club Cagliari and the sanctioning body being IKA (International Kiteboarding Association). 

 The press conference was opened by event organizer  Gian Domenico Nieddu with interventions by Alberto Floris president of Yacht Club Cagliari, Barbara Argiolas Sardinia Turism minister , Yuri Marcialis Sport minister for the city of Cagliari, Mirco Babini President of the International Kiteboarding ,Association and  General Giovanni Domenico Pintus, Commander in chief  for   Esercito Italiano –  Sardinian Army. 

Events like the Sardinia Grand Slam – say Tourist Minister Barbara Argiolas- are included in our strategy plan to promote tourism throught sport in contact with nature. We are opening new seasons, after summer is over,  thanks to events like this. We will continue to invest in events that will focus on our environmental quality and substanibility giving at the same time an economical value . Sailing events  and other sports events in contact with nature find in Sardinia their ideal location” 

At the Press conference was present also the Kite foil World Champion Maxine Nocher from Montecarlo: “ I’m really happy to be herein Cagliari. It’s the fourth time that I come in this wonderful island of Sardinia and I’m becoming really affectionated because I won here my very first international title. I’m sure this will be a great event.” 

The IKA event will take place in the location called ‘Esercito’, managed by the Army and is organized by Gian Domenico Nieddu of GLE Good Looking Entertainment in cooperation with Yacht Club Cagliari. 

The City Hall of Cagliari and the Sardinia Region are the sponsors of the event through their Tourism office. Sixty riders are registered from all over the world and this evening at 6 pm there will be the ‘opening cerimony’. 

Total prize money will reach € 20.000. 

The reigning world champion MAXINE NOCHER (from Montecarlo) will have to match the strong French team including the vice world champion NICO PARLIER and AXEL MAZELLA. 

Good chances also for THEO LHOSTIS from France and the British brothers GUY and OLIVER BRIGHT, all on top of the ranking separated by few points. 

For the Italian fans the cheering will go to best ranked RICKY LECCESE but also hopes are placed on a good performance of veterans SIMONE VANNUCCI, italian champion  MARIO CALBUCCI and ANDREA BEVERINO. 

In the ladies fleet USA leader DANIELA MOROZ will try to retake the world title but has to watch out from Russian ELENA KALININA. 




Riders Arrivals
15,00-17,00 Rider’s Registrations.
18,00 Opening Ceremony in Cagliari – Poetto Beach –
Welcome Ceremony for Riders and Officials

Qualification series
Guided tour of museums

Qualification series
Sport Courses at sea

Qualification series

19,30 Prize giving and awards closing ceremony with free dinner for all riders and organization in Cagliari End Party

Streaming of the Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

Streaming of the KiteFoil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).

Even in this 2017, Cagliari in Sardinia will host the fantastic show of Kitesurfing: In fact, between the  4 and the 8 of October 2017, at Poetto Beach f Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia island, it will take place the Kite Foil World Championship 2017.

After the Kite Worlds 2002, after the Kiteboard Racing World Championships in 2012, after the Youth and Master Kite World Championships 2014 and after the Kite Foil European Championships 2016, Cagliari once again became the world’s kite center.

International Kiteboarding comes back to beautiful Poetto Beach -Cagliari after the World Championship Racing in 2012 and in leading Italian resort island of Sardinia after the IKA World Kite League of last year in Porto Pollo.

This time Cagliari will host the IKA Kite Foil Gold Cup World Championships FINAL. It is the final event, the one that will assign the world title, in a tour that touched already this year Korea, France and China two times.

The IKA event will take place in the location called ‘Esercito’, managed by the Army.

Sixty riders are expected from all over the world but the biggest contingent will come from France where kite foil exploded.

Total prize money will reach €20.000.

The reigning world champion MAXINE NOCHER (from Montecarlo) will have to match the strong French team including the vice world champion NICO PARLIER and AXEL MAZELLA.

Good chances also for THEO LHOSTIS from France and the British brothers GUY and OLIVER BRIGHT, all on top of the ranking separated by few points.

For the Italian fans the cheering will go to best ranked RICKY LECCESE (based in South America) but also hopes are placed on a good performance of veterans SIMONE VANNUCCI, MARIO CALBUCCI and ANDREA BEVERINO.

In the ladies fleet USA leader DANIELA MOROZ will try to retake the world title but has to watch out from Russian ELENA KALININA.

Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

Registration is open now for the Sardinia Grand Slam – IKA Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia.

The 2017 World Champions of the IKA KiteFoil Class will be crowned from 04 to 08 October 2017 at Poetto Beach, Cagliari, Sardinia.

Cagliari has already hosted many events of kitesurfing in Sardinia and has always provided excellent weather conditions and organization.
Here under the kite events hold in Cagliari in the past years:




The Sardinia Grand Slam marks the final of this years 4-stop KiteFoil GoldCup which has awarded a total of 125.000 EUR prize money.

Earlier plans to host the final in France or in the UAE unfortunately had to be postponed till the 2018 season due to reasons beyond our control. However, both of these events will make fantastic additions to the 2018 tour !

Starting with Korea back in May, the top 15 riders of each 2017 KiteFoil GoldCup (Korea, Weifang, Pingtan) qualify directly for the final event, with the remaining competitors being able to enter in the order of the world ranking up to a maximum of 60 entries. The winner of the Sardinia event will be crowned 2017 KiteFoil World Champion, while the KiteFoil GoldCup trophy will be awarded to the best rider of the tour.

Riders can register in the official IKA webpage by clicking here.

The Notice of Race can be found here.

Format of Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

The format of Kite Foil World Championship 2017 is Fleet Racing.

Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

The Kitefoil GoldCup is the World Championship series of the IKA KiteFoil Class.

Separate Rankings will be produced for Female, Youth/Junior and Masters/Grandmasters depending on entry numbers.

Sardinia Grand Slam – IKA Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia is Open For All Equipment

The Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia is KiteFoil class equipment (open class for unregistered foils, prototypes).

The event starts with registration on 4 October 2017, racing will start from 5 October 2017.



Event Start Date 04. Oct 2017
Event End Date 08. Oct 2017
Max Participation Quota 60
Registration and Early Bird Deadline 03. Oct 2017
Full Entry Fee 250.00 EUR
Early Bird Entry Fee 200.00 EUR
Class KiteFoil
Discipline Fleet Racing
Event Website CLICK HERE
Points 200
Prizemoney 20000 EUR
Event Status confirmed
Notice of Race CLICK HERE
Sailing Instructions CLICK HERE
Location Poetto Beach


Strapless Kitesurf Course in Sardinia

Strapless Kite Surf Course Sardinia
Kitesurfing in Sardinia with KiteGeneration, Lucas Rey Capu Mannu, Sardinia
Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Are you coming to Sardinia and would you like one of the ultimate way to have fun while kitesurfing? so, Learn Strapless KiteSurf in Sardinia with our Strapless Kite Course!

Strapless Kitesurf Course: description and tips

Thinking about to start with riding strapless kite Surf board? We can teach you how to strapless Surf riding with our Strapless Kite Surf Course!

With our strapless kite course you will learn all you need to know to go riding safely on a surf board and having fun from the beginning.

Strapless Kite Surf Course in Sardinia
Strapless Kite Surf Course in Sardinia

You would learn to water-start, riding and turning with a surf-board.  As you progress, or if you are not beginner, we can add some more elaborated turns, little jumps, wave riding.

We will fit the Strapless Kite Course to your level, so don’t worry!

Strapless Kite Surf Course: Details

Who can attend the Strapless Kite Course?

Strapless Kite Course is designed to people who already know how to kitesurf up-wind and confidently with a twin-tip (a standard kite board). Strapless Kite Surf Course is best suited to those who can already kitesurf confidently with a normal board, because in strapless kitesurfing you won’t be attached to the board, being harder to stay on, keep balanced and control the kite at the same time.

Instead, if you are a surfer who wants to enjoy more days in the waves, you should start with a regular kite course to learn how to maneuver the kite.

What you will learn in the Strapless Kite Surf Course?

Strapless KiteSurf Course in Sardinia
Strapless KiteSurf Course in Sardinia

We will fit the Strapless Kite Course to your level, so don’t worry!

Depending on your level and your goals, you would learn:

  • strapless water-start,
  • strapless kite surf riding ;
  • turning with a strapless surf-board.
  • little jumps,
  • wave riding.

What is included in the Strapless Kite Surf Course?

Everything you need for the strapless kite course:

  • Qualified instructors,
  • RC / accidents insurance,
  • Kite Surf Equipment (Kite, Bar, Surf Board, Wetsuit, Helmet),
  • fun,
  • Transportation (If necessary)

How Long Takes to Learn Strapless Kite Surf Course?

It will depend on your previous kite skills and what your strapless goals are. An intermediate kiteboarder can learn to ride a strapless surf board with just 1 or 2 lessons. But if you are looking to turns, to master the wave riding or some strapless tricks, more lessons and a lot of practice on your own would be needed.

Are Strapless Kite Surf Lessons Private Or Group?

Our Kite School does not offer Group lessons.We Just offer:

  • Private Kite Lessons (1 instructor/1 kite dedicated to the student )
  • Semi-private courses/lessons (1 instructor/1 kite dedicated every 2 or maximum 3 students). Semi-Private Courses can be offered just to 2 or 3 friends that come togheter and do the course/lessons in the same days.

How the Strapless Kite Surf Lessons can be booked?

Would like to enjoy the Strapless Kite Course in Sardinia with us?

Well! 🙂

So now you should follow the instructions at the kite Courses/Camps registration page, by clicking here..

In case you have some doubts or you need more information, you can read the notes at our services/prices page and our FAQs. Then, if you still need further clarifications, please contact us by using our contact form.

Thanks and …. anyway, have a good stay and a good wind in Sardinia 🙂

Kitesurfing in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach

Kitesurfing at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari
Kitesurf at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari Sardinia
Kitesurf at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari Sardinia

The Cagliari Kite Beach of Giorgino is the first and, at the moment, the only kite area in the district of Cagliari, in Sardinia, where is possible to Kitesurf during the summer season. The Kite Area of Giorgino has been created and is managed, during the summer season, by KiteGeneration Kiteschool.

Giorgino is a free Kite Beach open to all Kitesurfers: No fees are required. The only obligations for kiters that like to kitesurf at Giorgino kite beach are:

  1. All Kiters must have an insurance specific for kitesurfing. If you are a Kiteboarding FIV affiliated, if you have a VDWS card for Kiteboarding or if you have any other card suitable for kitesurfing with insurance, that is fine. If you do not have a kite card with the above requirements, you need to do it. If you wish, you can subscribe to our Kiteschool and Sport Association with a fee of 25 euro: the fee will includes a Kite card with insurance (you can find the insurance coverage at this page) that can be used all over the world.
  2. The kiters that like to kitesurf at Giorgino Kite Beach must use the launch lane, both to get away from and to return to the beach. Once you will be at of the beach bu using the kite lane, you will have all the sea available for kitesurfing. In case the return to the beach can not be done by using the lane, because physical or technical problems or because no winds, to return to the beach must be done by using the body drag.
  3. Kiters not yet independents (ie: kiters that do not have good kite control, still unable to relaunch the kite from the water, that do not have a good body drag level, that do not know all the safety rules) must take kitesurf lessons until a proper kite level will be reached. Safety First of all!
  4. Kites shall be armed and landed in the proper area.

Cagliari Kite Beach of Giorgino: Description of the Kite Spot

Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach
Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach

The Giorgino Kite Spot, called by the Kiters also Little George, is a kite spot located 5 minuter by car from the center of Cagliari, heading towards Capoterra, right after the new Canal Harbor.

It is a perfect place for kitesurfing, especially with the thermal wind (which usually blows from March / April to October), because of shallow water and sandy bottom, because there are no bathers and because, during the summer season, there is a dedicated Kite Area.

Kite Beach Cagliari
Kite Beach Cagliari

Giorgino is actually the only kitesurfing area in Cagliari where you can practice kite surfing in safety during the summer season without risking to have problems with bathers and authorities.

The area is accessible to everyone free of charge. However, we must comply with some of the common sense and security rules that follow:

The wind at Giorgino, Cagliari

Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari
Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari

The best wind is thermal wind that blows in absence of perturbations. Theaml wind usually blows constantly with an intensity between 12 to 18 knots.

Other winds good for kitesurfing at Giorgino are all eastern and southern winds that sometimes could give even small waves.

The mistral comes side off. During the summer season, with the open Kite Area and a boat rescue, it could be possible to kite even with the mistral

How to get to Giorgino’s Kite Area

From Cagliari, take the “Strada Statale” SS 195 towards Pula – Chia.

Immediately after the Scafa bridge (in Italian, Ponte della Scafa), there is the entrance to the first part of Giorgino, where is located the small and old “Fishermen Village“, famous for the fish Festival that takes place every September. To get to the Giorgino Kite Area, you do not have to turn to the Fishermen Village but you should continue along the SS 195 until the road passes from 4 to 2 lanes. Right here, on the left you could find the Giorgino Kite Area.

For those who have a navigator / Mobile with GPS, the coordinates of the spot are:


Kitesurfing Manual

  1. What is Kitesurfing
  2. Kite Theory and Wind: Upwind and Downwind, Wind Directions, Port and Starboard
  3. The Wind Window where the Kite fly
  4. Kite History and Development: C, Bow, Delta, Foil Kites
  5. Aerodynamics of Kites: How does a kite fly?
  6. Kite Bar: Purpose and function of the bar components
  7. Kite Lines: type and features of the kite lines
  8. The Kite Boards: Parts and characteristics of a Twin Tip
  9. Technical Wear for Kitesurfing
  10. Setting Up a Kite
  11. Packing a Kite
  12. Safety on Kiteboarding
  13. Kitesurfing Self Rescue and Techniques to solve critical situations
  14. How to rescue a Board and a Kiteboard, What to do in case of Lines Tangled
  15. How to Launch a Kite

How to Launch a Kite

Note: Many kite schools offer special services (e.g. launching and landing kites, observation, tips on the spot)for a small fee.

By using these services, you ensure they can still be provided in the future.

In this post, we will explain you the:

  1. Preparation for a safe Kite Launch
  2. Lauching the kite with Helper
  3. Lauching the kite without Helper
  4. Launching a Kite from the Boat

Preparation for a safe Kite Launch

Launching and landing a kite are the situations in kitesurfing where happen the most of accidents. Therefore it is mandatory to do a pre-launch check after you have set up your gear. This is a must!

Pre-Launch checks

  • Personal condition: All fit and ready?
  • Wind and weather checks.
  • Kite Spot check:
    • Visualise the launching and landing area.
    • Check if there a possible emergency exit downwind.
    • The availability of rescue systems (boat, helper).
    • Getting info from other riders.

Kite Equipment checks

  • Bar check: Check your bar system thoroughly (quick release
    adjuster, depower/power, leash, harness).
  • Line check:
    • Lines are well lay out and separate?
    • Lines are attached correctly?
  • Kite check
    • The kite have the correct size in respect to the wind conditions?
    • There are any visible damages to kite or bridles?
  • Board check
    • Strap and fin screws tightened?
    • Any visible damages on the board?
    • Straps are properly adjusted?
  • Rules’ check: The International and local Kiteboarding rules are clear?
  • Emergency plan check: Helper/friend/partner/kiter knows about my kite session and can support me in case of need.

Lauching the kite with Helper

Launching and landing is especially easy and safe if you have a helper who
mot only knows how to launch and land properly.

Getting Attached to the kite

After you have done your safety checks it is time to get attached to the safety
system and your kite.

Here under the steps to be followed for getting attached to the kite:

  1. Attach safety leash.
  2. Hook into the chicken loop.
  3. Secure the loop using the Finger /  chicken dick.

Moving in the correct position of the wind window.

You are now completely connected to your kite and the lines are laying on the ground without tension.

Now we should move in a position where the kite will be in the corner of the wind window. In this position the kite have no power and, after the helper has turned the kite in a vertical position, we can check again if the lines are not intertwined / mxed.

Now, after moving a little bit up the get the necessary power, we can give the correct signal o the helper and let the kite fly.

Here below, all the steps to be followed for properly and safely launchng a kite:

  1. It is better to launch the to the water, where the wind is free from obstacles and therefore less gusty and where, in case of falls the impact will be less dangerous
  2. Before to launch the kite re-verify that no obstacles (objects and people) are present downwind to us and to the kite
  3. Connect to the kite through the chicken loop. Don’t forget to lock the chicken loop to the hook of your harness through the finger and to attach the safety leash
  4. Get the bar and move in that position that make the kite is in the edge of the wind window
  5. The person that is helping us (the helper) should pick up the kite in the centre of the leading edge and flip it on its back and take it to the position for launching (the helper should stay always back to the kite and upwind in respect to it) and the leading edge upwind in respect to the trailing edge
  6. After slightly pulling the lines, do a final check on your lines and ensure they are not tangled in any way. If they are tangled, signal to the launcher to place your kite back down. There is no easy way to untangle the lines safely, it is best to disconnect your lines and start again (disconnect, walk through from the bar to the kite, reconnect).
  7. If the lines are well connected, move slightly against the wind in order to gradually send the kite in a power zone
  8. Once you reach the area of needed power needed for launching the kite, give the signal to launch (thumbs up) to the helper that will release the kite gently (he should NOT throw it up). At the same moment the helper will leave the kite, we must direct it slowly to the zenith.


  • In the launching operations, the helper is helping us to put the kite vertically in order to facilitate our launching. He should not move the kite in that we consider the correct position for launching but we should move in the correct position!
  • In some rare cases you might need to use the help of a non-kiter to help you launch or land In these cases
  • It is important to be sure of the person’s ability to help and give him/her a short crash course of the most important points for the launching or landing process, while taking special care of the safety aspects.

For a successful and safe launching and landing process, you and your helper/friend/partner must have clarified the following points:

  • Carrying, holding, launching, landing, securing a kite.
  • Launching and landing signs need to be clear (international landing
    sign, same language).
  • Proper positioning in the wind window.
  • Plan of your session (time, where, etc.).
  • What to do in case of Emergency

Lauching the kite without Helper

Necessary conditions for Launching the Kite without Helper

  • Kite is at the edge of the wind window.
  • Lines are attached correctly.
  • No obstacles/peopie downwind!
  • Soft surface (sand, grass).
  • Always be prepared to quick-release!

Kite Slide Start

Turn the Kite:
  • Pull the lines.
  • Pull the line of the tip further
    away from you.
  • Kite starts to turn.
Launchin Position
  • Kite will come up onto its tip.
  • Check the iines, depower
Launch the Kite
  • Pull the top line to steer the kite
  • Fly the kite into the zenith.
  • TIP: Check your gear and surroun

Kite Sand Start

  • Lay the kite onto its lower tip and optionally
    fold it inwards.
  • Put sand onto the tip.
  • Watch the kite and check if the sand is heavy enough
Hock in
  • Move quickly to the bar
  • Attach the safety system.
  • Tension the lines
  • Optimise your position at the wind window’s edge.
  • Pull the upper back line.
  • Steer the Kite off the ground.
  • Sand falls off the kite.

Kite Launching with a fixed Start


For Launching a Kite with a Fixed Start, you should attach the chicken loop directly to a fixed object.

  • Attach the chicken loop
  • Position the kite at the edge of the wind window onto its lower tip
  • Watch the kite and check the lines.
  • Move quickiy to the bar on the windward
    side ofthe limes.
  • Execute a pre-launch check.
  • Release the chicken toop from the fixed object
  • Connect to the safety system and to the chicken loop
  • Launch the kite

Launching a Kite from the Boat

Launching the Kite from the Boat with a helper
  • Roll up the bar (be careful not to put the bar through
    of the bridlesl).
  • Roll up the kite (or keep it pumped).
  • Pump up the kite on the boat if it was deflated.
  • Kite is being held by the helper on the boat while the rider jumps into the water, unrolls the bar and swims the launching position.
  • Launch the kite.
  • Roll up the bar, shortening one back line so the kite cannot turn into the wind and create power.
  • Roll up the kite or keep it pumped.
  • Pump up the kite on the boat if it was deflated.
  • Put the kite in the water, undo the lines and have the kite drift downwind (be careful the lines don’t tangle).
  • Launch the kite.

How to rescue a Board and a Kiteboard, What to do in case of Lines Tangled

Board rescue

Bringing to someone the board his has lost, is a true courtesy. Before trying to rescue a board and bringing it back to its owner, make sure your kite is powered up, as you will only have one hand for steering and therefore it will be
less efficient and simple than normal.

Approach the board from downwind. lt’s important to know where you want to grab the board and hold it; you can either grab a handle or a strap. Put the
board either on your lap, hold it at the handle or drag it behind you. You will most likely only have one hand free to move the kite actively.

Approaching the kitesurfer that has lost the board, make sure your kites do not tangle, and drop the board downwind of kitesurfer. Drop the board downwind!

Grab/hold a board:

  • At the grab handle
  • At the front strap
  • At the rail near the front fins (like in a Board Off)

Kite Rescue

A free and unsecured kite that is dragging and flying  over the water is a serious security threat. The rescuer needs to grab the kite correctly in order to transport it back to the beach safely.

Approach: go riding from upwind and approach the kite slowly. Check the situation of the lines and bar first.

After grabbing the kite firmly and securely at the front tube, you should move in the closest safety beach / place.

IMPORTANT: Stay free of lines dangling or hanging around!

Note: You can even connect / grab the kite, with the kite leash, to the kite pump leash.

Lines tangled

The lines are tangled when Two kites fly into each other and the lines tangle.

In this situation, often:

  • Steering, powering/depowering and quick releasing are limited or sometimes even impossible – high danger potential!
  • The complete separation from the kite gear needs to
    be an option at all times!

Kite Stay controllable in the Sky

  • Follow the instructions of the more experienced
  • Steer/fly kites apart or untangle by changing position
  • In case one kite went through the lines of the other, get
    the bar through the lines by walking or swimming.

Quick release and back to the beach

  • Both kiters quick release.
  • Kites fall onto the water without power.
  • In case one or both kites still have power, pilots should
    separate themselves from their gear completely.

Important noteabout Line Tangled

After a line tangle, it is necessary to check your lines carefully (they can be damaged) and replace them if necessary.