How to get to Sardinia and Cagliari

Would you like to know how to get to Sardinia and Cagliari?

Here below a list of the best search engines for low cost flights, a list of the airline companies providing direct flights to Cagliari (Sardinia) from many Italian and European cities and a list with the shipping companies to Sardinia.

Have a nice trip!

Search engines for low-cost flights

Airlines Companies to/from Cagliari

  • RYANAIR – Flights from/to: Charleroi (FR) – Marseille (FR) – Baden-Baden (GER) – Dusseldorf (GER) – Frankfurt (GER) – Karlsruhe (GER) – Nuremberg (GER) – Cracow (POL) – Barcellona (SPA) – Girona (SPA) – Ibiza (SPA) – Madrid (SPA) – Seville (SPA) – Valencia (SPA) – Bari (IT) – Cuneo (IT) – Bergamo (IT) – Genova (IT) – Parma (IT) – Perugia (IT) – Perscara (IT) – Pisa (IT) – Roma (IT) – Trapani (IT) – Trieste (IT) – Verona (IT)
  • TUI Airways – Flights from London (UK) to Olbia and Alghero
  • EASYJET – Flights from/to: London (UK) – Mulhouse (GER) – Berlin (GER) – Paris (FR) – Friburgo (GER) – Basilea (CH) – Milano (IT)
  • MERIDIANA FLY – Flights from/to: Chisinau (MOL) – Moscow (RU) – Bologna (IT) – Milano (IT) – Firenze (IT) – Napoli (IT) – Olbia (IT) – Palermo (IT) – Roma (IT) – Torino (IT)
  • AIRBERLIN – Flights from/to: Munich (GER) – Cologne – Bonn (GER) – Dusseldorf (GER)
  • AIR ONE – Flights from/to: Milano (IT)  – Roma (IT) – Venezia (IT)
  • ALITALIA – Flights from/to: Milano (IT) – Venezia (IT) – Roma (IT)
  • AIR DOLOMITI – Flights from/to: Munich (GER)
  • BRITISH AIRWAYS – Fligths from/to: London (UK)
  • DARWIN AIRLINES – Flights from/to: Geneve (CH)
  • GERMAN WINGS – Flights from/to: Cologne – Bonn (GER) – Hannover (GER) – Stuggart (GER)
  • LUFTHANSA – Flights from: Munich (GER)
  • NIKI LAUDA Airlines – Flights from/to: Vienna (AUT)
  • SMART WINGS – Flights from/to: Praga (CZ)
  • SWISS Airlines – Flights from/to: Zurich (CH)
  • VOLOTEA – Fly from/to: Venezia (IT) – Ancona (IT)
Shipping Companies from/to Sardinia

Two way Waterproof Radio helmets for kite, surf and water sports

KiteGeneration Kite School is the first kiteschool in Italy and one of the first in the world that is using Two Way Radio Helmets Waterproof!

What does mean Two Way Waterproof Radio Helmets?

KiteGeneration Two Way Radio Helmets is a communication system for athletes, students and coaches. It is a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student and that allow student to replay and ask in real time too.

This communication system enables the coach to communicate directly with the student on the water (but even in the field or in the air) using a waterproof radio helmet.

The student will instantly receive the instructor’s feedback  and could immediately implement his advices. Benefits of this communication system is exceptional!

Kitesurfing Lessons with Two Way WaterProof Radio Helmets

For teaching during Kitesurfing Lessons we use this Two Way Waterproof Radio Helmets. With the radio the students can listen all instructor’s advices even if they are far from him and could replay in instant time.

With the Two Way Radio Helmets we can teach in real-time and achieve faster and much better results. No more hand signaling, shouting or waiting for the student to stop. With the Two Way Radio Helmets we communicate all advices, skills and knowledge instantly in ‘real-time’ and always in real time students can replay and ask questions.

We can’t create miracles: the impact of real-time coaching with the Two Way Radio Helmet Waterproof coaching vary by sport, athlete and coach combination. Anyway, with the two way communication system we have had nothing less than a 50 % faster learning!

What is the difference between our Two Way Radio Helmets and the other radio helmets?

Simply the other kite school are not using Radio Helmets or are usinf ONE WAY RADIO HELMETS: one way radio helmets are helmets whereby instructor can talk to the student but the student cannot replay…sometimes that can be very frustrating and unproductive


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