Barack Obama Kitesurfing: Kite challenge, Obama vs Richard Branson, in the Virgin Islands

Obama kitesurfing with Richard Branson

Are you wondering how former President Barack Obama is adjusting to life under the Trump administration? Know this: he seems to be doing just fine learning to kitesurf!

Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, took a vacation to the British Virgin Islands, where they have been hosted by Richard Branson, the chief executive of the Virgin Group.

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, billionaire Richard Branson published a blog post, along with photos and video, showing Mr. Obama trying out some high-adrenaline water and athletic recreation in the Virgin Islands, in a friendly competition off the coast of Branson’s Moskito island: Mr. Obama was learning to kitesurf!

In fact, now that Obama is free from many Secret Service-imposed restrictions that did not allow him to partake in activities like surfing, Branson offered Obama the chance to learn how to kitesurf.

In order to have a fun play and because the  perfect conditions to learn to kitesurf, Branson and Obama agreed to set up a friendly challenge: could Barack learn to kitesurf before Branson learned to kite with a foilboard? They agreed to have a final day battle to see who could stay up on the board the longest.

Kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding, kitesurf or simply kite) is a fairly new sport   that which outfits a surfer on board with a handheld kite for propulsion. Holding onto a kite foil board means kitesurfing while riding a surfboard with a hydrofoil that lifts the board above the water surface. Kitesurfing has really taken off in the past decade. It is a sport easy to learn and really enjoyable.

Pictures published in a post on the Virgin Group website show the 44th president Barack Obama learning to kiteboard.

Barack started learning to kitesurf on the beach for two days, picking up the basics and flying a kite as if going back to being a child again. Then he went into the water, standing up and getting a feel for the kite. Finally, he put the board at his feet and gave it a go.

“One of the first stories Barack told me when he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island was how, just before he became president, he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii. When he came in from an exhilarating session, the new head of his security team turned to him and said: ‘This will be the last time you surf for eight years.’ For the next eight years he didn’t have the chance to surf, enjoy watersports or do many of the things he loved. (…) I challenged the ex-president to learn how to kiteboard before I could learn to foilboard. (…) Being the former president of America, there was lots of security around, but Barack was able to really relax and get into kitesurf. After all he has done for the world, I couldn’t begrudge him his well-deserved win. (..) Regarding me, I soon learned that foilboarding, even if you can kitesurf, is a completely new kite-sport. You come shooting out of the water, crashing down at high speed, and very much need a helmet and impact vest. Now Barack has left, I’m going back into the water to practice for the next challenge”, Branson wrote on Virgin’s website.

In the battle video clip, you could see the Obama and Branson friendly competition to see if Obama could learn to kitesurf more quickly than Branson could learn how to kite with a hydro foil board. As you could see in the video, Barack and Richard fell many times, but they kept trying again and again to kitesurf and they made progress over the days. Obama and Branson were neck and neck until the last run on the last day, when Richard got up on the foilboard and flew above the water for over 50 meters. But Barack go 100 meters on his twintip kiteboard! Finally Obama won by 50 meters!


Two way Waterproof Radio helmets for kite, surf and water sports

KiteGeneration Kite School is the first kiteschool in Italy and one of the first in the world that is using Two Way Radio Helmets Waterproof!

What does mean Two Way Waterproof Radio Helmets?

KiteGeneration Two Way Radio Helmets is a communication system for athletes, students and coaches. It is a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student and that allow student to replay and ask in real time too.

This communication system enables the coach to communicate directly with the student on the water (but even in the field or in the air) using a waterproof radio helmet.

The student will instantly receive the instructor’s feedback  and could immediately implement his advices. Benefits of this communication system is exceptional!

Kitesurfing Lessons with Two Way WaterProof Radio Helmets

For teaching during Kitesurfing Lessons we use this Two Way Waterproof Radio Helmets. With the radio the students can listen all instructor’s advices even if they are far from him and could replay in instant time.

With the Two Way Radio Helmets we can teach in real-time and achieve faster and much better results. No more hand signaling, shouting or waiting for the student to stop. With the Two Way Radio Helmets we communicate all advices, skills and knowledge instantly in ‘real-time’ and always in real time students can replay and ask questions.

We can’t create miracles: the impact of real-time coaching with the Two Way Radio Helmet Waterproof coaching vary by sport, athlete and coach combination. Anyway, with the two way communication system we have had nothing less than a 50 % faster learning!

What is the difference between our Two Way Radio Helmets and the other radio helmets?

Simply the other kite school are not using Radio Helmets or are usinf ONE WAY RADIO HELMETS: one way radio helmets are helmets whereby instructor can talk to the student but the student cannot replay…sometimes that can be very frustrating and unproductive

2016 Formula Kite Worlds in China from 9 to 15 September 2016

2016 formula kite worlds china

2016 Formula Kite Worlds in China: Day 6- 15.09.2016

2016 Formula Kite Foil Worlds in China: Day 5- 14.09.2016

Final Series (Gold races): for results after protest, click here

Overall Women after protest

Gold Races: results men overall before protests

Gold Races Overall Before Protest
Weifang (China), 14 September 2016

Yesterday there was no wind. There will be no additional qualifying heats forr Men.

From today they will start the Gold Races and Silver Races for Men.

Here below the firsts positions for men before the start of Gold Races:

  1. Nico Parlier Ozone­Lynch Associates­The Black Dog­Mike’s Lab­Julbo­Delta FitnessLa coccinelle immobilière ­Sooruz, 2.0 points
  2. Riccardo Andrea Leccese Ozone­ MikesLab ­COGUA kiteboarding,­ 4.0 points
  3. Maxime Nocher Fone ­Yacht club Monaco ­Baticoncept ­LIP­Orezza, 6.0 points
  4. Axel Mazella (U21) F­One, Manera, SEAGALE, l’Aventure, Volkswagen 8.0 points
  5. Oliver Bridge (U21) North kites, Levitaz, Volvo cars 10.0 points
  6. Mario Calbucci (U21) Banga Foil, UC distribution, Elf, Circolo Lauria 12.0 points
  7. Florian Trittel MOVISTAR, KFA, BRUNOTTI, FLYCAT 14.0 points
  8. Theo Lhostis (U21) core kitebording franceblue power marine banga foil air tahiti nui + 16.0 points
  9. Bruno Lobo GOVERNO DO MARANHÃO, FERRONORTE, KFA 18.0 points
  10. Theo de Ramecourt (U21) 20.0 points
  11. Blazej Ozog ETISOFT, FLYSURFER, MOSES HF, VOLVO 22.0 points
  12. Julien Kerneur AIRUSH / PROLIMIT / FFVL 24.0
  13. Florian Gruber Flysurfer, Levitaz, Airush, NP Surf, Freizeit & Sport GmbH 26.0 points
  14. Martin Dolenc (U18) (U21) Flysurfer, Levitaz, surfpunk boards, animal 28.0 points
  15. Maks Zakowski Tiger Team II, Ozone Polska, O’neill, Moses 30.0 points
  16. Guy Bridge (U18) (U21) Volvo Cars, Edgewatersports, Cat Rugged Phones, The Beachhouse Exmouth 32.0 points

At this link overall Gold and Silver Assignments.


2016 Formula Kite Worlds in China: Day 3 – 12 and 13 September 2016

Flight Assignments day 3

no wind on day three and four of the formula kite worlds in Weifang, China. Fingers crossed for tomorrow !

Light breezes tantalised racers at the Formula Kite (foil) World Champions for a second straight day, but remained stubbornly insufficient to get off any races in the women’s or men’s “gold” and “silver” fleets.

In the absence of action, the 60 riders for 19 countries were briefed on the status of kiting’s bid for a slot in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and voiced concerns over some possible strategies apparently unfolding.

Markus Schwendtner, International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) CEO, outlined the possible pathway to an Olympics berth and the potential pitfalls that could lie in the way.

Key among the elite racers’ fears is that the Neil Pryde group — Cabrinha’s parent company — is attempting to establish a “one design” CR:X class with its convertible low performance foil and twin-tip board, and tube kite, in the hope of establishing a “class” and offering if for Olympics inclusion.

Riders were told that in line with their wishes, the IKA’s favoured option is to hold a “beauty contest” of leading high-performance hydrofoils and kites, choosing one of each eligible for mass production two-and-a-half years out from the Olympics as a one design model to be used in the Olympic Games and it’s qualifier events, so all athletes could train and compete on the same equipment while keeping the costs for World Sailing MNAs (National Sailing Associations) low.

Outside the Olympic pathway events, development of foils and kites would continue apace as normal to ensure equipment keeps going forward and does not become quickly dated and outmoded.

If kiting jumped the hurdles, any equipment could ultimately be chosen by the equipment and events committees of World Sailing (WS), kiting’s governing body under the International Olympic Committee (IOC), possibly in May next year.

But first comes the thorny issue of inclusion. WS is under pressure from the IOC to include kiting in its line-up (and to achieve gender equality), but is not able to increase the 10 medals available, which means that some creative work needs to be done with regard to the events of the current classes to get kiting into the Olympics.

WS is due to discuss its plans for the medals line-up at its annual conference in Barcelona in November, which will give a strong indication as to kiting’s prospects. A final decision will be taken at a WS special assembly in February by delegates from Member National Authorities (MNA).

A decision to include kiting would then have to be agreed by the IOC in June.

Most of the racers are extremely keen to see kiting win an Olympics slot, and were comfortable with the plan outlined. But they were anxious to get the message out that concerned kiters needed to push and educate their own country’s MNA delegates on the kiting’s merits, and stressed the desirability IKA should launch its own sophisticated media and PR drive to ensure success.

Similarly, the brands represented, Flysurfer and particularly Ozone, were alarmed at the prospect of one company cornering the Olympic market.

Neil Pryde has IOC connections as the maker of windsurfing’s RS:X class, and industry rivals and riders alike fear it could use their new CR:X one design hybrid class as a bridgehead to be chosen for the 2020 Games.

2016 Formula Kite Worlds in China: Day 2 – 11.09.2016

Young American Crushes at Formula Kite World Championships >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News


Weifang Binhai, China (September 11, 2016) – When dying winds on the opening day of the Formula Kite World Championships kept the women off the water, US rider Daniella Moroz, just 15, wasted no time to humble a classy field in the 11-strong women’s fleet, leaving reigning world champion Russia’s Elena Kalinina, 18, far in her wake, with Steph Bridge (GBR) even further adrift.

Fifty-eight riders from 19 countries have assembled to battle for the title, the first since rule changes at the beginning of the year altered class rules to accommodate hydrofoil boards in the fast-shifting environment of kite racing.

With winds today that built from about 20kts to around 26kts coupled by a mounting swell, the teenager was in a class of her own with four emphatic victories in the women’s fleet’s four opening races.

Moroz will be hoping the challenging breezes that match her home spot, San Francisco’s Crissy Field, continue over the next four days of racing for the women’s fleet, aware that arch-rival Kalinina is quick in light airs.

Deploying a Mike’s Lab foil and Ozone R1 V2 kite, Moroz admitted her smallest 9m wing was a bit much. “I was a bit overpowered, but with the wind in San Francisco, I was able to work with it. I tried to play it pretty safe, not do anything crazy and stay comfortable while keeping an eye on [Kalinina].”

In the men’s division, French rider Nico Parlier dominated his fleet with a flawless four bullets as he reveled in unusually blustery conditions that suit both his racing style and equipment.

Even in his day’s final race when reigning world champion Maxime Nocher (MON) threatened to finally snatch a victory on a searingly-quick reach to the finish, Parlier was just able to squeeze out his rival on the line in a photo-finish.

The contrast to the opening day could hardly have been more stark. In dying light airs and sultry heat, Parlier could only manage a fifth spot in his sole race. But in the windier conditions, Parlier was in his element on his smallest 11m Ozone R1 V2 kite and Mike’s Lab foil that proved ideal.

“These are definitely my conditions,” he said. “Beforehand I was very worried about the light conditions I thought I’d find here. Certainly this spot is different from every other I’ve been to. There seems to be some dust or mud in the water. It doesn’t feel fast. But I’m just trying to do my best and improve my skills.”

His pitch-perfect performances in the conditions were at odds with those of the stellar group of chasing riders in his qualifying fleet — one of two for the men — who found themselves outgunned and overpowered.

Like Parlier, the likes of Nocher, Axel Mazella (FRA) and Florian Trittel (ESP) had expected characteristic light breezes to bathe the Yellow Sea off Weifang, eastern China, and had failed to register small enough kites for the championship’s six days.

The men will race one further day of qualifying, before being seeded into “gold” and “silver” fleets, with the top 10 securing places for the medals races of the final climactic day to crown the 2016 Formula Kite world champion.

Italian-Colombian Rikki Leccese staked his claim with a great outing, claiming three bullets and a second place in his fleet’s four races. Noting that he, too, was on a Mike’s Lab foil and Ozone kite begins to seem like a tired refrain and suggests the leading trio had some unfair advantage. They hadn’t. But a change in conditions could change everything.

But for Leccese’s closest rivals, Britain’s Olly Bridge and Mario Calbucci, who racked up a clutch of second and third places between them, a shift in the weather might be their best hope of keeping them in the title hunt.

MEN Overall standings after five races (one discard):
1 Nico Parlier (FRA, Ozone/Mike’s Lab) — 4pts
2 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/Mike’s Lab) — 5pts
3 Maxime Nocher (MON, North Kiteboarding/Banga) — 8pts

WOMEN Overall standings after five races (one discard):
1 Daniela Moroz (USA, Ozone/Mike’s Lab) — 4pts
2 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Banga) — 8pts
3 Steph Bridge (GBR, Flysurfer/Levitaz) —16pts

2016 Formula Kite Worlds China: Day 1 -10.09.2016

Very light wind today. All kiters with the biggest kite they have (size: 19 – 18 – 17)

Men have been divided in 2 Flights (Yellow and Blue), the Women are in Red Flight.

Here below the results of races of day 1: 



Hydro Foil 2016 Formula Kite Worlds China: Description and Details

The event agreement of 2016 IKA FORMULA KITE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was officially signed in Nice (France) on 9 August 2016, that means the globally top kitesurf event will be held in Joy Sea Beach Binhai Weifang on 9-15 September 2016.

Weifang is a well-known tourist city in China, for being the home of kites. Binhai Economic and Technical Zone is the area that is developing fastest in Weifang. It is no longer a desolate place, but now a famous seashore resort in the north of China with excellent seashore facilities, e.g. hotels, restaurants and baths. The new beach in Binhai, Weifang receives over fifty thousand tourists every weekend.

Weifang Binhai has a vast global impact as it firstly started kitesurf and organizing kitesurf events in China, international kitesurf events are continuously held here for 8 years. China State Physical Culture Administration has duly authorized naming Weifang Binhai as international kitesurf training base.

2016 IKA HYDRO FOIL FORMULA KITE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is organized by Weifang Binhai Economic and Technical Zone Administrative Committee and undertaken by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group.

  • Event Dates: 09.09.2016 – 15.09.2016 (Detail in Schedule)
  • Divisions:
    • Formula Kite Racing Man
    • Formula Kite Racing Woman
    • Twin Tip Racing Man (Open)
    • Twin Tip Racing Woman (Open)
  • Equipment: For definition of Formula Kite, please see IKA Equipment Regulations, IKA registered hydrofoils and regular raceboard can compete in the same class in the event.
  • Event Jury: International Jury of International Kiteboarding Association
  • Event Sailing Instructions: Please see Notice of Race
  • Event Registration on IKA official website: IKA
  • On site registration: No later than 17:00 on 09.09.2106. Chinese riders and Twin Tip Racing Open can register on event’s official website, email:
  • Registration Fee: 200 EUR
  • Event Prize money: 60000 EUR
  • Riders’ international class point:200 points
  • Visa: Visa is required for visiting China. It takes 7 to 10 days to apply for visa in some areas, riders please apply for tourist visa at Chinese embassies as soon as possible. For riders’ visa application we would provide hotel reservation form, so please send your full name and passport number via email.
  • Accommodation: Free accommodation will be provided for riders by the sponsor. Riders will be staying separately at Joy Sea Hotel on the beach and Dubai Hotel which is about 15 minutes’ drive from the competition beach. Hotel rooms distribution will be decided by organizing committee.
  • Transport: The most convenient airport to Weifang Binhai is Qingdao International Airport (TAO). Volunteers will be meeting riders at Qingdao airport on 8-9 September with free shuttles taking riders to event hotel. On 16 September, free shuttles will also available for taking riders to Qingdao airport. Riders please send your detailed flight information to as soon as possible after registration for organizing committee to arrange shuttles. Please prepare RMB at Currency Exchange at airport in case you may need to pay for anything during the event like transfer fees, hotel etc.
  • Location: The competition spot features flat water and clean beach, riders can safely walk on the beach barefoot.
  • Temperature and Wind: Temperature in Weifang is about 25-30°C in September. Apparent temperature is lower if it’s cloudy or windy. Riders are suggested to prepare a wet suit. Wind may change from 8 to 25 knots, but the wind won’t be too strong mostly.
  • Schedule:
2016 Formula Kite Worlds China Schedule
2016 Formula Kite Worlds China Schedule

4 September 2016: Less than 5 days to the 2016 Formula Kite Worlds

“Battle in the eagerly-awaited first Formula Kite (foil) world championship will get underway in just five days on the waters off Weifang, China.
With most of the top kitefoil racers slated to compete, the six-day event will be one of the biggest clashes since rule changes converted Formula Kite to hydrofoiling.

The International Kiteboarding Association’s (IKA) KiteFoil GoldCup and the Hydrofoil Pro Tour
(HPT) have slightly diluted competition in 2016 as some riders favour one over another, making it rare for so many of the leading riders to compete on the same stage.

Now, however France’s Nico Parlier, current HPT leader, is set to go head-to-head with his fiercest rivals in China. Fellow countrymen Axel Mazella, the KiteFoil GoldCup standings’ leader, and the multi-talented Julien Kerneur, back from injury, will undoubtedly push Parlier to the limit.

Last year’s GoldCup champion, Monaco’s Maxime Nocher, will also be very much in the mix, along with the young Briton Olly Bridge who will be looking to lay some ghosts and finally seize a world championship title that has eluded him by a whisker on several occasions.

The women’s line-up is also set for a mouth-watering showdown. The US teenage foil sensation Daniela Moroz will be up against reigning world champion, Elena Kalinina (RUS) and Alexia Fancelli (FRA).

Moroz, incredibly, bested Kalinina and Fancelli to take the top podium spot at the last HPT stop in Mauritius in August. But the American will also find herself up against multiple world champion Steph Bridge (GBR), who will be looking to make amends for a forgettable outing at the opening round of the 2016 GoldCup in Gizzeria, Italy, in July.

With at least 15 women intending to head to China, the event organisers will race the women in their own fleet rather than competing in mixed flights with the men – one of the major differences of the Formula Kite Class to the GoldCup and Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

Without doubt, though, the focus will be on the leading men. Parlier was untouchable at the HPT stop at Pointe D’Esny, Mauritius. Nocher was only able to manage a fourth in the standings, just ahead of Mazella, who had triumphed in Gizzeria.

Olly Bridge took the third podium spot at the GoldCup in Gizzeria. It was a feat he matched in Mauritius, just giving him the jump on his rivals Nocher and Mazella.

With so many riders at the top of their game the stage is set for an enthralling, no-holds barred contest in Weifang in the week ahead.




Event Start Date 09. September 2016
Event End Date 15. September 2016
Max Participation Quota Unlimited
Paid Entries 66     [View List]
Registration and Early Bird Deadline 08. September 2016
Entry Fee 250.00 EUR
Points 200
Prizemoney 50000 EUR
Event Status confirmed
Notice of Race CLICK HERE
Equipment List CLICK HERE
Location Weifang Binhai



Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 in Gizzeria, Italy

Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 in Calabria Gizzeria
Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia Maxime Nocher a Cagliari in Sardegna
Maxime Nocher in Cagliari, Sardinia

Welcome back to the Kite Foil Gold Cup! From 13 to 17 July 2016, the Hang Loose Beach club in Gizzeria, south of Italy, will host the first round of the 2016 Kite Foil Gold Cup, the World Cup of Kitesurf. Here below the lastest news as Flight Assignments and Rankings

Axel Mazeela is the winner of the First Act of 2016 Kite Foil Gold Cup in Italy. Second Maxime Nocher, third O. Bridge. 

Here below, the summary of the event.

Day 4 – 17 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Good morning All. Today Skippers meeting at 10:00, first possible warning 11:00.


Gold Flight

Race Gold 5

  • first lap: olly, maxime, trittel
  • second lap: olly, maxime, axel, flo trittel, rikki
  • third lap – results gold 5: olly, maxime, axel, rikki – flo exploded after rounding the gate

Race Gold 6

  • first lap:
  • second lap: maxime, olly, trittel, gruber, axel
  • third lap – results gold 6: maxime, olly, flo trittel, axel, flo gruber

Race Gold 7

  • clear start for gold race 7 – big tangle at the start ! rikki was in that tangle
  • first lap: first lap: olly, maxime, axel, flo trittel, Titouan
  • second lap: olly 15 seconds ahead, then maxime, axel, flo trittel, titouan
  • third lap – results gold 7: finish gold 7: olly 25 seconds ahead of maxime, then axel, flo trittel, flo gruber

Race Gold 8

  • first lap: olly, flo trittel, maxime, rikki, flo gruber
  • second lap: olly, maxime, flo trittel, rikki, flo gruber
  • results gold 8:olly, flo trittel, flo gruber, maxime

Race Gold 9

  • axel had an incident on the first upwind. restarting now.axel and olly where in that incident on the first upwind. olly getting rescue
  • first lap: trittel, rikki, gruber
  • second lap: trittel, gruber, rikki, maxime in fifth
  • third upwind: maxime, gruber, trittel
  • results gold 9: maxime, gruber, trittel, rikk

Race Gold 10

  • this will be the final gold race for the second discard
  • first lap: olly, axel, maxime, rikki, gruber
  • second upwind: olly, axel, maxime, rikki, gruber
  • second lap: olly, axel, maxime – rikki went to the finish line accidently !
  • last upwind: olly, axel, maxime
  • olly and axel neck on neck to the finish line
  • results gold 10:olly, axel, maxime, adrian geilsinger, flo gruber

Full results Gold 

Day 3 – 16 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Skippers meeting today at 11:00, first possible warning at 12:00. Here below the Flight Assignments, results and overall rankings

Gold Flight

Race Gold 1

  • first lap: rikki, maxime, axel
  • second lap: axel mazella, rikki, flo gruber. rikki goes for a split to the outside
  • third lap – results gold 1: axel, maxime, rikki, flo grouber

Race Gold 2

  • first lap: axel, maxime, flo gruber. rikki in 5th
  • second lap: axel, maxime, rikki
  • maxime crashed on the thrid downwind. neck on neck with rikki now
  • third lap – results gold 2: axel, maxime, rikki

Race Gold 3

  • first lap: flo trittel, axel, olly
  • second lap: axel, flo trittel, maxime
  • axel and flo trittel with a huge lead at the last top mark
  • trittel crashed on the downwind… lost his board and place
  • third lap – results gold 3: axel, flo trittel, rikki, nocher, o. bridge

Race Gold 4

  • first lap: maxime, rikki, flo gruber
  • second upwind: o. bridge, gruber, maxime
  • second lap: o. bridge, gruber, rikki
  • third lap – results gold 4: o. bridge, gruber, rikki, maxime, axel

Full results Gold 

 For the Overall Results and Ranking after Gold, Silver, Bronze races of 16 July 2016, Click here

Video of Races of 17 July 2016

Flight Assignments – 16 July 2016


Day 2 – 15 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Hard conditions today with strong wind from North and just 2 races per Flight.

Skippers meeting tomorrow at 11:00, first possible warning at 12:00.

Here below the Results after 7 races.

Results after 7 races

  1. Andrea Riccardo Leccese – 6.0 points
  2. Axel Mazella – 6.0 points
  3. Maxime Nocher – 8.0 points
  4. Mario Calbucci – 13.0 points
  5. Oliver Bridge – 13.0 points
  6. Florian Gruber – 14.0 points
  7. Florian Trittel Paul – 14.0 points
  8. Titouan Galea – 17.0 points
  9. Theo de Ramecourt – 20.0 points
  10. Blazej Ozog – 24.0 points
  11. Theo Lhostis – 26.0 points
  12. Guy Bridge – 27.0 points
  13. Benni Boelli – 29.0 points
  14. Bruno Lobo – 30.0 points
  15. Andrea Beverino – 31.0 points

For the Overall Results and Ranking after 7 races, Click here.

Goldcup Gizzeria Qualification Race 7 (Florian Gruber vs. Maxime Nocher)

Flight Assignments – 15 July 2016

Day 1 – 14 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Video of 2016 IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup Italy – Day One

Results after 5 races

  1. Andrea Riccardo Leccese – 4.0 points
  2. Axel Mazella – 4.0 points
  3. Maxime Nocher – 5.0 points
  4. Oliver Bridge – 8.0 points
  5. Mario Calbucci – 8.0 points
  6. Florian Trittel Paul – 9.0 points
  7. Titouan Galea – 9.0 points
  8. Theo de Ramecourt – 11.0 points
  9. Florian Gruber – 12.0 points
  10. Andrea Beverino – 15.0 points
  11. Theo Lhostis – 15.0 points

Full results of Italy Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 after 5 races: Click here

Live Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016

Flight Assignments


What is Kite Foil

The Kite Foil or Hydrofoil has become one of the most sophisticated ways to glide over the water and feel amazing emotions: with the Hydrofoil it seems to fly over the water, with a drastic reduction of the resistance and a incredible silence!

Here below a video done in Cagliari, Sardinia, for the Itaian TV main channel:

The Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016

Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia
Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia

The Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, the World CUP of Kite Foil, this year will start from Gizzeria, in the south of Italy: this fantastic location will host the first of the three rounds (or four, the stage in Istanbul is still to be confirmed) provided by the circuit for 2016 (the three stages actually confirmed are: Gizzeria (Italy), Korea and Quatar.

The first stage of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 will start on July 13, 2016 and will end on July 17, 2016: they will be five days of amazing kite racing!

In Gizzeria they will race more than 50 riders representing over twenty countries: Italy. Argentina, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Russia, USA, Switzerland.

The defending champion Maxime Nocher is the favorite

The favorite to win this first round of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 is  Maxime Nocher, World Champion and European Champion.

After Maxime Nocher, the other favorite riders are:

  • The French Julien Kerneur,
  • The English Oliver Bridge,
  • The German Florian Gruber, Peter Muller and Benni Boelli,
  • The Colombian Italian Andrea Riccardo Leccese,
  • The Spanish Florian Trittel.

Among the outsiders there are:

  • Guy Bridge (GBR),
  • Tony Vodisek (SLO),
  • Martin Dolenc (CRO),
  • Alejandro Climent Hernandez (ESP),
  • Simone Vannucci (ITA)
  • Andrea Beverino (ITA),
  • Mario Calbucci (ITA),
  • Lorenzo Giovanelli (ITA).

Among women, the favorite for the winning are:

  • Steph Bridge (GBR),
  • Elena Kalinina (RUS).

The brand that should win this first round of Foil Gold Cup 2016 should be among:

Among the Hydro Foil fins, the winner shold be one of the following brands:

Follow with us the first rounf of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 in Gizzeria

Stay tuned with KiteGeneration, and follow all the updates and rankings of the of the Gizzera Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016!

Tandem kitesurfing Sardinia

Tandem Kitesurfing Sardinia
Tandem Kitesurfing in Sardinia
Tandem Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Try the new kite experience of KiteGeneration, the Tandem kitesurfing!

Tandem Kitesurfing is the quickest and most thrilling way to learn how to fly the kite whilst simultaneously finding your feet on the board! You will be securely attached to your instructor who will help you to safely navigate the water and guide you through what to do to get more speed and how to slow down.

Kitesurfing in tandem is an unique and modern technique of teaching kitesurfing. Any skills aren’t required! You can start even if you’re a newbie. Whether you have had a few lessons or you are a total beginner, this truly is the best way to feel the freedom the kite brings and to hone your skills on your way to becoming an independent kitesurfer.

The Tandem kite experience, available with KiteGeneration, Kiteschool in Cagliari Sardinia, is:

  • for those of you who want to try kitesurfing without studing it;
  • great if your skills stopped at some point and you can’t go on… so if you stopped on waterstarts or you’re afraid of jumps you can be sure that tandem kitesurfing will break all the barriers!
  • mostly suited for kids and girls, generally under 50 kg.
Tandem Kitesurfing in Cagliari Sardinia
Tandem Kitesurfing in Cagliari Sardinia

Tandem means double progress!


The real cost of kitesurfing equipment: how to choose

Kitesurfing La Maddalena Spiaggia Petrol Beach August 2014

Once finished the kitesurfing course is normal to want to inform on the cost of the equipment needed to be able to proceed by itself without having to always rent the kite, the trapeze, the bar and the surfboard.

Let’s start talking about the cost of the equipment for kitesurfing making an observation: despite the moderately high rates of equipment are those who practice kitesurfing is lucky enough to never have to pay to have a place to practice it because the beaches are for everyone and therefore in the long run is not the end of a sport as expensive as would normally be expected.

What kind of equipment for kitesurfing buy when you are a beginner?

Although it is still difficult to find the kitesurfing equipment used can be a good idea to buy it because the beginning is easy to make light of the errors that could affect proper operation of the equipment by placing the risk there will be of moderate damage but compromising on performance dell’acquilone.

Buying from used kitesurfing equipment is therefore a way to save money but it is often difficult to verify it simply kitesurf equipment was used via online classifieds sites and can also be difficult and very long to find the right offers.

You can get an idea of the real cost of the equipment kitesurf seeing online stores, but basically the cost of the equipment varies depending on the type of property that is going to look for; for example, just like the clothes there are kites that cost a lot but they are very durable and long lasting, and other kite characterized by a lower cost which can have performance slightly more scarce or limited service life.
Not to mention that going to affect the cost of the kite also kitesurf extent that you chose to take or even the type of decoration that varies according to the tastes of everyone.

Substantially to kitesurf you need a kite (also known as sailing or kite), a harness, a bar, a table for kitesurfing, a wetsuit to protect themselves and not to take excessive cold during sport and of course a good helmet to protect themselves from risks and dangers of this fascinating aquatic sports.

Of course it is important, as we all know who has done the course of kitesurfing, which together with the kite is present other equipment such as the bar, the kite lines, the leash and the pump to inflate the kite.

Prices for kitesurfing equipment is then wander attoro to 900 – 2000 Euros and may vary depending on the quality, brands, models and needs of those who decide on acquisition.

The cost of equipment for kitesurfing: the kiteboard

The board also has a different price depending on the type of expectation you have about your performance: there are boards for kitesurfing models from beginners, which can cost from 200 to 400 euro, but also incredibly more expensive tables and performance incredible.
Even kitesurf boards can be bought used at a good price, and are often found in an acceptable condition.

Cost of equipment for kitesurfing: the wetsuit

The wetsuit for kitesurfing is an important product because although on some occasions there is not a piece of equipment fndamentale, protects from damage and body injuries as well as warm us and allow us to do even kitesurf in the most “cold conditions.” The cost of the suit for kitesurfing is not very high and here we are talking of about 70 to 300 Euros depending on the model you decide to buy.
Do not recommend buying the mute to make second hand kitesurfing or used as these tend rather quickly to deperirsi despite their low cost.


Cost of the equipment for kitesurfing: helmets

Go kiteboarding is not something we can do in bad weather because it is an extreme sport with attachments risks and dangers of significant magnitude. For these risks, characterizing that wild verve that does so much to love the kite, you must first of all not to buy equipment for kitesurfing if you have not been taught during a course, also use the helmet and the suit as well as all security instruments in attached to the equipment for kite surfing. Helmets for kitesurfing can also be purchased used with peace of mind and there are several models that provide different performance.

Cost of equipment for kitesurfing: the impact vests

Make this sport safe is a necessity like to operate your kite safely; as well as extensive technical knowledge means also prevent risks and accidents. One of the equipment that reduce the effects of any flight accidents is definitely the impact vest; the latter is a kind of additional protective jacket that is going to wear during the kite out to avoid the risk of being seriously injured or otherwise harm in general going to impact after a impreviso. The impact vest can be very useful and should not be taken lightly when it comes to equipment for kitesurfing as they can make a difference, along with helmets, kitesurfista accident between a living and a less fortunate. Fortunatmente the impact vests do not cost a lot and find them on the internet at no excessive prices is quite simple.

Cost of equipment for kiteboarding: the floating vests and the specific life jackets

We just finished talking about impact vests explaining that having the protections can make a difference in the event of serious accidents and remembering not to underestimate the security when doing kitesurfing; in addition to the risk of accidents to the ground, however, there are also many other problems that may follow as the interweaving of more kite in high water, or the need to disengage from a kite in overpower and in off-shore, or even the absence of wind in a situation where it is very far from the shore and remain alone in deep water without assistance. These situations never be underestimated but must be addressed in a logical and conscious; Fortunately, even in the face of this type of risk the equipment for kitesurfing you have the answers with which to assist athletes, such as life jackets specifically designed for kitesurfers. Know fact that any use a life jacket while doing kitesurfing can be uncomfortable and dangerous as it can unbalance the wearer during accidents and trauma by moving the weight and downloading in the kinetic energy falls into sensitive areas of the body. In other words, do not wear a life jacket designed for kitesurfing can be a greater risk; fortunately there are practical jackets buoyancy aid (are not approved and represent 50 N as a flotation level), not being able to put you in a position to resist for days at sea can make it less strenuous swimming and enable you to deal with situations risk mentioned above with more lightness. One of the pros of aid to the floatation vests in general is that most of those studied for the kite can also be understood as the equipment for impact vest, helping to get in safety and to warm up when the sea is not too pleasant temperature. Prices for this type of equipment usually go hand in hand with those of the specific impact vest to kitesurf.

Conclusions on the equipment kitesurf and prices

The truth however is that there is no better way to check kitesurf equipment prices than to confront directly to an online store to discover what the best offers and the actual equipment costs to kitesurf

Kite Surf, SUP, Kiteboard, Harness, Wetsuits for Sale

Kite Surf, SUP, Kiteboard, Harness, Wetsuits for Sale: Kite North Kiteboarding, SUP RRD, ION Wetsuits, Harness ION Cabrinha, Kite Board Cabrinha

Like every year, we sell all our Kite / SUP equipment in order to renew all the gear for the next season.

In this page you can find:

  1. Second Hand SUP
  2. Second Hand Kites
  3. Second Hand Kite Bars
  4. Second Hand Kite Boards
  5. Second Hand Harness
  6. Second Hand Wetsuits
  7. Accessories


Material / Equipment level conditions

  • Level 6 = very good conditions
  • Level 5 = good condtions
  • Level 4 = discrete condtions
  • Level 3 = medium condtions
  • Level 2 = poor condtions
  • Level 1 = bad condtions


1. Second Hand SUP

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
S – 1 SUP RRD AIR SUP V2 (Inflatable) + ADJUSTABLE PADDLE 3 PCS (CARBON 50%) + LEASH + BAG + PUMP 10’4 White 5 2015 6 749 €


2. Second Hand Kite

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
K – 1 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 13 1 2015 6 519 € (1 299 €)
K – 2 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 13 1 2015 4 449 € (1 299 €)
K – 3 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 11 1 2015 6 479 € (1 199 €)
K – 4 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 9 1 2015 6 429 € (1 080 €)
K – 5 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 8 1 2015 6 399 € (1 039 €)
K – 6 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 7 1 2015 4 349 € (979 €)
K – 7 Kite North Kiteboarding 2015 North Kiteboarding Trust (Only Kite and Bag, no Bar) 6 1 2015 5 349 € (939 €)


3. Second Hand Kite Bars

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
B – 1 Bar North Kiteboarding North Kiteboarding Freestyle Bar White 4 2015 5 189 € (399 €)


4. Second Hand Kite Board

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
B – 1 Board Cabrinha Cabrina Caliber 130 cm 130 1 2013 2 139 €
B – 2 Board Cabrinha Cabrina Caliber 136 cm 136 1 2013 3 169 €
B – 3 Board North Kiteboarding North Kiteboarding NEXT 150×48 2 2015 5 289 € (549 €)
B – 4 Board North North Gonzales 150 cm 150×46 1 2014 4 249 € (549 €)
B – 6 Board RRD RRD Surf Board 1 2011 3 129 €


5. Second Hand Harness

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
H – 1 Harness ION Ion Seat harness S Black 1 2013 3 35 € (120 €)
H – 2 Harness ION Ion Kite Waist Harness Vertex black M Black 1 2014 4 122 € (200 €)
H – 3 Harness Cabrinha Seat harness S Black/Gray 1 2012 3 35 € (60 €)
H – 4 Harness Cabrinha Cabrinha Deluxe Waist Harness L Black/white 1 2012 2 30 € (60 €)
H – 5 Harness NP NP blach/white L Black/white 1 2013 3 50 € (100 €)


6. Second Hand Wetsuits

N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
W-1 Wetsuit ION ION – Wetsuit BS – Element Semidry 5,5 DL black M Black 1 2014 4 99 € (220 €)
W-2 Wetsuit ION ION – Wetsuit BS – Element Semidry 5,5 DL black L Black 1 2014 4 99 € (220 €)
W-3 Wetsuit MYSTIC Shorty S Black 1 2014 4 49 € (80 €)
W-4 Wetsuit MYSTIC Shorty M Black 1 2014 4 49 € (80 €)
W-5 Wetsuit MYSTIC Shorty L Black 1 2014 4 49 € (80 €)
W-6 Wetsuit MYSTIC Shorty XL Black 1 2014 4 49 € (80 €)
W-7 Wetsuit BILLABONG Shorty M Blue/Black 1 2014 4 49 € (80 €)
W-8 Wetsuit RIPCURL RIPCURL Shorty XL Black 1 2013 4 49 € (80 €)


7. Accessories
N. Category Brand Equipment Size Color Qty Year Conditions Price x unit Price of New x unit
A – 1 Bag ION ION twintip bag 2 2014 4 31 € (65 €)
A – 2 Bag MYSTIC Mystic double twintip bag 1 2014 5 37 € (75 €)

Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidays

Kite Camp in Sardinia: our Kite Camp is a Package that include Kite Lessons, Accommodation and Trasportation to the kite beaches

If you love the sea and the water sports, and are looking for an fantastic experience in Sardinia with relax, sport and nature, choose a Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidays with KiteGeneration.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidays

Are you looking for a Kitesurfing Holidays in Sardinia to learn to kitesurf or to progress in kiteboarding?

If yes, choose the Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidays with KiteGeneration and let the instructor allow you to achieve your goals.

Kitesurfing Holidays Sardinia | Kite Camp in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Kitesurfing Holidays Sardinia

Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidas include :

  • Kite Course
  • Kite equipment for kite courses: all the kite equipment required for the kite courses is provided (students will have wetsuit, impact vest, harnesses, helmet as well as the kitesurfing equipment)
  • Accommodation in the historical center of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia (no other locations are available), with cooking facilities. Center of Cagliari is like a small town, very nice also for the nightlife
  • Accommodation in single room (in case of 1 person), double room (in case of 2 people), triple room or apartment (in case of groups of 3 or more people)
  • Shuttle Service from Cagliari to the Kite Spots
  • Kite card and assurance
  • Kite certificate (it will be provided at the end of the Kite Camp Sardinia).

Weather conditions in Cagliari and Southern Sardinia

Cagliari is one of the windiest city in the Mediterranean sea and, if you consider all the south of Sardinia, to find a day without Mistral, Libeccio, Scirocco , Grecale o the thermal breeze is nearly impossible.

The best period for kitesurfing in the southern Sardinia goes from April to October because:

  1. the wind is blowing nearly every day;
  2. the weather is good and the water is warm.

The Kite Spots of Sardinia where the Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidas will be held, it is choosen day by day depending on weather conditions and wind direction. Following the wind we will do something like a Kite Safari too and will not miss any day of kitesurfing! Kite spots can be:

The highlights of our Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidas are the quality of the service, professional instructors and first class accommodation, for a fantastic holiday in Sardinia.

What are you waiting for? Join to our Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidas and enjoy Kitesurfing with us!

To know the prices of Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidas, click here.