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KiteGeneration is a kiteschool that offers Kitesurfing Lessons, SUP Lessons and Tours, Snorkeling and Tours services.

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If you have a question check out our Frequently Asked Questions below the contact form to see if we already answered it. If you don’t find an answer to your questions or if you have some particular requests, please contact us by filling the form.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What does KiteGeneration kiteschool offer? We are a kite school that offer kitesurfing lessons, equipment hire. We offer also SUP Tours / Lessons and kite/board repair service thanks to our partnerships.
  2. Is kitesurfing dangerous? We only use the latest and safest equipment, all of which have ‘let-go’ safety systems that kill 100% of the power of the kite on demand.
  3. What happens if the weather conditions are not suitable on the day of my kitesurf or SUP lessons? Don’t worry! We will contact you if the conditions are forecast to be unsuitable for kitesurfing or SUPing, we will re-schedule the lessons for a later date. Regarding Kitesurfing, we will always try to run as much of the lesson as possible on any given day.
  4. How do I book Kite lessons, Kite SUP Lessons / Tours? To ensure your lesson / tour / service is booked, we will need you to confirm the day you would like to have your lesson and then pay a deposit fee. We will send you an invoice that can be paid via Bank Transfer or via Paypal.
  5. In which spot the kite lessons will run? In general the wind conditions are variable and wind could change direction everyday: one day the wind can blow from North-West, the day after from South-East, the next day could be Thermic wind. For this reason, spots for kitesurfing / kite lessons can change everyday.
  6. I don’t have car for movements to the kite spots. Do you offer a Shuttle Service? Yes, we offer it. Contribution for movements is 5 euro to go and  5 euro to go back from the spot.
  7. What time of day do the kite courses run? Depending on which spot we are using (spot can change depending on wind direction), the lessons can start early in the morning or run until the evening.
  8. Is the Beginner Mini kite course enough to learn to kitesurf? The Beginner Mini Kite Course covers a lot of information and all of the theory and safety, but there is not enough time to become an indipendent kiter. A Mini kitesurfing course is a good introduction to kitesurfing or a perfect present idea. However, if you are sure you want to really learn kietsurfing, we suggest a Complete Beginner Kite Course.
  9. Is there a minimum age limit for children wishing to learn? Our minimum age is 8 years old and at least 35 kg.
  10. Am I too old for kite sports? Generally most kitesurfers are middle aged and often into their 60′s. The oldest kitesurfer that got lessons with us was 72 years young!
  11. Do I need to bring anything with me? Everything is supplied for the kite courses; all students are given wetsuits, buoyancy aids, harnesses and helmet as well as the kitesurfing equipment. You just need drink water and a towel.
  12. Are there places to stay if I book a Kitesurfing Course? We are offering packages that include accomodation too (see Kite Camp section). In any case Cagliari is a touristic city that offers a wide range of accommodation available from camper camping to high class hotels and you can find easily an accomodation.
  13. Kite Rental: I had already kite lessons by I am not capable to ride upwind. Can I rent a Kite? No. Kite Rental Services are just for riders able to ride upwind and only for those kiters who have a level of self-sufficiency.
  14. Can I buy kite, SUP, Surf gear from you? Yes we have kite, SUP, Surf gear available for sale at the Kiteschool at very good competitive prices. We have very limited stock so it is better that you contact us in advance regarding buying gear.


Our contact details

Here below the address of our office, email, phone number (we are answering to the phone just out of the working time so in the early morning or in the late evening!).

  • Address: Via Giardini 15, 09127 Cagliari
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp (text and calls): +39 327 5376016
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