Kite Spots of Sardinia: Where to Kitesurf in Sardinia

Are you planning to come in Sardinia for your Holidays and would you like to learn to kitesurf or just know the best Kite Spot Sardinia for kitesurfing in Sardinia?

On this page you wll find information regarding:

The best Kite Spots in Sardinia

If you are looking for Kite Spots in Sardinia, read the posts here below that summarize the features of the best Kitesurfing Spots in southern Sardinia: map, optimal wind direction, pros and cons and photos that will help you to plan your next kitesurfing day in Sardinia.

Save time and learn from people that know these kite spots! See the rewiews on the following kite spots in Sardinia:

Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia with KiteGeneration

Kitesurfing Sardinia | Kitesurfing Lessons and Beahes in Sardinia
Kitesurfing Sardinia

Would you like to learn to kitesurf in Sardinia?

KiteGeneration, kiteschool based in Cagliari, Sardinia, a fantastic, sunny and windy place that offers perfect conditions for all sailing sports, proposes the followind Kite Courses / Lessons and Kite Services:


KiteGeneration, depending on wind conditions, moves to different kite spots in souther Sardinia for teaching kitesurfing.

Sardinia is a very windy island (for more info on weather conditions in Sardinia have a look at this article) but it is impossible guarantee the availability of wind always in the same spot.

Instead, it is possible to reach always a windy spot! Moving to the windy spots, KiteGeneration do something like a kite Safari!! Kite Spots that KiteGeneration Kiteschool reach for teaching kitesurf can be:

What are you waiting for? Contatct KiteGeneration to book a kite course in Sardinia!


Kite Spots of Sardinia: Where to Kitesurf in Sardinia
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