Kitesurf Rental in Sardinia

Kitesurf Rental in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy | Kitesurf Rental Sardinia
Kitesurf Rental in Cagliari, Sardinia

Can you already kitesurfing but you don’t have the equipment?

Have you had a long break from kiteboarding and do you prefere that someone checks  your kite session and help you in case of need?

Then our Kitesurf Rental and Supervised Kitesurf Rental are what you are looking for.

Kitesurf Rental Sardinia

Are you coming to Sardinia by plane and you could not take the board and kite?

Would you like to try a new type of kite or board or do you need another kite size?

If you are able to ride ride upwind, then the Kitesurf Rental service is what you need. Kitesurf Rental service is useful both for those people that don’t have kitesurf gear or for those people that are traveling by plane and are unable to get with them all the kitesurf equipment.

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Supervised Kitesurf Rental

Supervised Kitesurf Rental  in groups of max four kiters. The service includes is perfect for people that is re-starting after a break from kiting or the first kite session in a new place. Supervised Kitesurf Rental includes:

  • assistance for lanching and landing the kite;
  • valuable advices on spots.



  • Minimum required level for rental services: Kite Equipment Rental is for irders able to ride upwind and only for those kiters who have a level of self-sufficiency. The school reserves the right to cancel the rental if the person threatens its integrity or that of other users of the beach or the supplied material.
  • It is not allowed to leave the material to third persons who have not proven their proficiency.
  • The equipment must be used according to the level of the kiter. If you try to raise the level without instruction and the equipment suffers damage in the event it must be paid 100% of the equipment value.
  • If material damages occur, the customer will pay the cost of equipment repair or replace it if impossible to repair.
  • In the event that the material was stolen, the customer must pay the school the material price (market price).
  • KiteGeneration is not responsible for accidents or misuse of the material.


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Kitesurf Rental in Sardinia
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