Kitesurfing Chia, Sardinia

In Chia (Domus de Maria, Cagliari, Sardinia), KiteGeration kiteschool offers Kitesurfing Lessons in partnership with Chia Wind Club of Mirco Babini. When the Chia Wind Club of Mirco Babini is closed, KiteGeneration, that is based in Cagliari, offer lessons:

  • Just if there are two or more course (to come in Chia for just one course for us in antieconomical as we are based in Cagliari)
  • in particular wind and sea conditions (wind should be onshore and sea should be not wave).

In particular during the summer season, from May to September due to the Police Restrictions (Kitesurfing is not allowed) due to the large number of bathers and the absence of kite lanes, there is a need to use a lift service (boat) for kitesurfing ad kitesurfing lessons in the sea. For this reason, when is necessary to use a boat for kitesurfing lessons, prices of kite courses in Chia are higher than what is shown in the price list. In this period, lessons can be provided just by Chia Wind Club of Mirco Babini.

Kitesurfing Chia: spot features

  • Minimun level required: Beginner
  • Kind of Spot: Sandy
  • Sea bed: Sandy/Rocky
  • The best wind: North-east, South-west, South-east, East
  • Water shape: Choppy/Wave
  • Wind for waves: South-West, South-east, East
  • Distance from the centre of Cagliari: 40 km
  • Distance from parking: 5-10 min a seconda della stagione
  • Water temperature: 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer)
  • Wind range: 12-30 Knots
  • Coordinates of Su Giudeu / Torre Chia Beach: 38.887197, 8.867819

Kitesurfing Chia: spot description

Kitesurfing-Chia-Sardinia-November 2014
Kitesurfing-Chia-Sardinia-November 2014

The beaches of Chia have a very high number of windy days.

The best winds are Grecale, Levante and Scirocco, both left side that create good wavesThe thermal wind is gusty near but enjoyble 50 meters off the beachDuring the winter season, Ponente can give waves of almost 3 meters good for surfers but not for kiters, because of offshore wind and water flow.

How to reach Chia

From Cagliari get the S.S. 195 towards Teulada. After Santa Margherita di Pula, far about 42 km from Cagliari, you will find, on the left, the way to Chia.

Kitesurfing Chia, Sardinia
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