Kitesurfing Course for Children

Are you dreaming to be the next world champion of kitesurf? Or would you like just to learn a new fun sport like kitesurfing? 

Choose the Kitesurfing Course for children!

The Kitesurfing Course for Chldren, aimed to 8-14 years old children, is carried out with the same program of Complete Kitesurfing Course with some modifications based on age and weight of child and with a specific gear (kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, ect).


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  • Each hour of kitesurfing lessons/course is 1 point. 1 point stand for 1 euro. Points can be spent for the purchase of caps and t-shirts by kitegeneration or for your next kitesurfing lessons/course with us.
  • If you have the possibility, read our Kitesurfing mini book. When you start your kitesurfing Course you will have an extra oomph!
  • To know where the lessons are taking place and to know about Kitegeneration, visit our home page.