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Would you like Learn to Kitesurf in Sardinia? Take Kitesurfing Lessons Sardinia with our Kitesurf Center and enjoy a new fantastic experience!

On this page you could understand:

  • which are the Kitesurfing Lessons / Kite Courses proposed by our Kitesurf Center in Sardinia, based both in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu;
  • how our Kite Lessons and Kite Courses are managed and how they are running.

Learn to Kitesurf in Sardinia, enjoy kitesurfing- with KiteGeneration!



Kitesurfing Lessons Sardinia by KiteGeneration

KiteGeneration is a Kite & Surf Center located in Cagliari and Punta Trettu. We offer kitesurfing lessons and courses for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced riders.

In our kitesurfing lessons and courses all equipment necessary to learn to kitesurf is included .

Kitesurfing Lessons and Courses run with small ratios per instructor to focus on personal time, progression & safety of all students.

Here under you can find the list of our Kitesurfing Lessons Sardinia and Kite Courses.

Mini Kite Course

Mini Kitesurf Course in Sardinia with KiteGeneration
Mini Kite Course in Sardinia

The Mini Kite Course is the best way to discover kitesurfing. This Kitesurf Course will take you through the steps of piloting a 4 line kite.

You will learn about safety and how important it is to this sport. Furthermore, you will be taken through the steps of equipment set up (you will learn how to arm the kite), launching and landing, and controlling.

The Mini Kite Course is addressed to people that like to have an introduction of this fantastic sport.

With the Mini Kite Course you will learn:

  • theory (rules and security systems, winds, meteorology, kite flight theory);
  • arming and de-arming a kite;
  • taking off (or launching) and landing a kite;
  • controlling a kite while flying in the different areas of the flight window.

Try the Mini Kite Course, we will bet that it will be not the last!

  • Course duration:
    • Mini Kite Course: Two (2) consecutive hours, 1 day
    • Mini Kite Course Plus: Three (3) consecutive hours, 1 day

Kite Courses for Beginners

Kitesurfing Lessons Sardinia: Kite Course for Beginners
Kitesurfing Lessons Sardinia: Kite Course for Beginners

The Kite Courses for Beginners are addressed to people that like to learn to kitesurf, from the kite controlling until the glides on the water.

We propose different Kite Courses for Beginners. The difference between the courses is their duration. Even if the kite level achieved at the end of the Kite Course could vary between each student, attending a longer kite course you will get better kite skills and level.

With a short Kite Course for beginners, you will learnhow to set up and pilot a kite. With a longer course you could learn how to do the body drag, you will practice the water starts and you will ride on the water.

During the Kite Courses for Beginners, you will learn how to pilot the kite with power and how to pilot the kite with one hand, you will learn the body dragging. Finally, with the Kite Course for Beginners, you will practice hot getting up on the board for your first ride.

We have different Kite Courses for beginner:

  • Basic Kite Course for Beginners. 6 hours of kite course, divided in 2 – 3 days.
  • Classic Kite Course for Beginners. 8 hours of Kite Course, divided in 2 – 3 days.
  • Super Kite Course for Beginners. 12 hours of kite course, divided in 3 – 4 days.
  • Zero to Hero Kite Course for Beginners. 15 hours of kite course, divided in 4 – 5 days.

Our Kite courses for beginner have two plus in respect to the kite course proposed all over the world:

  1. Kite Tutorial: from our welcome page you could download a kite manual – tutorial where you can read what you have learned / you will learn in your kite lesson. In the Kite Manual you could also find some additional notions that usually are not part of the kite lesson / course.
  2. Training with a kite trainer: If you like, after 4 hours of lessons, we can lend you a Trainer Kite (totally safe) in order you could improve your kite control! In this way, at the next lesson, you will have a plus for continuing your kite course.

The two above  plus are for free!

  • Course duration:
    • Basic Kite Course: 6 hours, divided in 2 – 3 days
      Classic Kite Course: 8 hours, divided in 2 – 3 days
    • Super Kite Course: 12 hours, divided in 3 – 4 days
    • Zero to Hero Kite Course: 15 hours, divided in 4 – 5 days
  • Further info on Beginner Kite Course can be found here.

Kitesurfing Course for Children

Are you dreaming to be the next world champion of kitesurf? Or would you like just to learn a new fun sport like kitesurfing?

Kite Course for baby in Sardinia
Kite Course for Children in Sardinia

In this case, Learn to Kitesurf with the Kitesurfing Course for children!

The Kitesurfing Course for kids, aimed to 8-14 years old children, is carried out with the same program of Kitesurfing Course for Beginners with some modifications based on age and weight of child and with a specific gear (kite, board, wetsuit, etc).

Prices of Kitesurfing Courses for Children is the same of other Kite Courses.

Advanced / Intermediate Kite Course

Advanced Kite Lessons in Sardinia
Advanced Kite Lessons in Sardinia

If you can kitesurfing already and you like to improve your kite knowledge and skills, you can choose:

  • the Kitesurfing Lessons per hour, in which you can decide to  focus on some particular skills (e.g. Basics, Water start, Riding upwind, Jumping, etc.).
  • an Advanced / Intermediate Kite Courses, addressed to people that had already kitesurfing lessons and that would like to:
    • continue their kite learning.
    • improve riding.
    • learn riding or riding upwind and come back to the starting point.
    • learn changing direction without falling into the water.
    • learn improving the kite style and learn jumping.
    • learn to ride a surfboard.

Do it to get a better kite level!

  • Course duration: 2 hours, 3 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours depending on the level and chosen course. A longer course means better skills.
  • Further info on Advanced / Intermediate Kite Course can be found here.
Advanced Kite Course in Sardinia
Advanced Kite Course in Sardinia

Hydrofoil – Kite Foil Lessons

Hydrofoil KiteFoil Lessons in Sardinia: KiteFoil in Cagliari and Villasimius
Hydrofoil KiteFoil Lessons in Sardinia

Are you able to kitesurf and do you like to lean a new exciting kind of kitesurfing?

Hydrofoil or Kite Foil Lessons are what you are looking for!

  • Hydrofoil/Race Lessons duration: sessions of 3 hours
  • Further info on Hydrofoil Lessons can be found here

Strengths of KiteGeneration Kiteschool

Kitesurfing Lessons and Courses proposed by our Kitesurf Center in Sardinia are managed and designed in order Kitesurfing will be easy to learn and to improve, in the easiest, fastest and safest way.

When choosing a Kite Center / Kite School, there are several other factors to be considered  apart the cost of kite lessons, e.g., :

  • Instructors’ experience,
  • safety approach (e.g. use of helmet, rescue boat, correct material),
  • teaching tools and methodology,
  • private or semi-private lessons rather than group lessons,
  • easy and safe kite spots for learning to kitesurf.

In order to provide an excellent quality and safety during the kite lessons, our Kitesurf Center:

In Sardinia, KiteGeneration has been one of the first kite school (in some cases we are still the only ones) to use the here below kite teaching techniques, approches, methodologies, tools and equipment.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Our kite instructors are Certified with many years experience, and with the skills to teach in all our spots and wind conditions.

Professional methodology of FIV, VDWS, IKO for teaching kitesurf

During our kite lessons and courses we use the teaching methodology of IKO, VDWS and FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) recognized by ISAF, the International SAiling Federation / Sailing World).

Radio helmets for a perfect communication Instructor-Student

Obama Learns to Kitesurf with the Radio Helmets
Obama Learning Kitesurf with the Radio Helmets

KiteGeneration uses Radio Helmets,  a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student than can immediately implement his advices. Benefits of this communication system is exceptional!

Private or Semi-private Kite Courses and Lessons

Kitesurfing Sardinia: Private Kite Lessons
Kitesurfing Sardinia: Private Kite Lessons

KiteGeneration Kite & Surf Center proposes only semi-private (2/3 students and 1 instructor / 1 kite) or private (1 student and 1 instructor / 1 kite) kite lessons and courses. We don’t propose group lessons and courses (4 or more students per group).

Thanks to private or semi-private kite lessons and courses, the kite instructor is 100% focused on the student who can learn and improve as quickly and simply as possible.

KiteGeneration Kite & Surf Center recommends, when possible, the semi-private kite lessons and courses (2 students – 1 instructor / 1 kite). The semi-private kite lessons, which guarantees an excellent value for money, are divided into sessions of 5/10/15 min each: when one of the two students is “training”, the other one can observe the exercises that the other classmate is doing and easily realize what are the mistakes to avoid and how to carry out the exercise in the proper way.

Sport Video and Drone Service

And, if you like to have some Drone photo and or professional photo, you can have a Private Photo Shooting with a professional Camera or Drone (extra service). Within your session, the photographer will only focus on you..

Kite Camp Sardinia and Kite & Sleep Packages in Cagliari and Punta Trettu

Are you looking for a Kite Camp in Sardinia to learn to kitesurf or to progress in kitesurfing?

KiteGeneration Kite & Surf Center offers Kite Camps and Kite & Sleep packages  in Sardinia. Kite Camps and Kite & Sleep Packages are addressed to beginners that would like to learn to kitesurf  and to Intermediate or Advanced riders that would like to progress in kitesurfing and have a fun.

Kite Camps and Kite & Sleep Packages are packages that include:

  • Kite Course.
  • Kite equipment.
  • Accommodation in renewed rooms with private bathroom in Cagliari and Punta Trettu (accommodation in other locations are not foreseen).
  • Kite card and assurance, and kite certificate.

Further info on Kite Camsp and Kite & Sleep Packages can be found here.

Where we are, Where and at What time our classes take place

Where Kitesurfing Lessons take place

KiteGeneration is a Kitesurf Center based both in Punta Trettu and in Cagliari, in Sardinia.

Punta Trettu (considered one ot the best kite spots in Europe) and Cagliari are very windy places and, usually, in one of these 2 kite spots we can find the right wind conditions for Kitesurfing in easily and safety way. We always choose the kite spot for lessons on daily basis depending on weather conditions in order to find the best conditions for kitesurfing! Usually, most of the times, we could advise you about the time and the best kite spot for kite lessons, only the day before the lessons.

Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Sardinia

So, depending on the blowing wind, usually our kite classes could be taken in:

  • Punta Trettu in the south-west-east coast of Sardinia (approximately 1 hour by car from the center of Cagliari), where we have our Kite Center, the Punta Trettu Kite House & Bar.
  • the spots around Cagliari (approximately 20 minutes by car from the city center), that are Poetto Beach of Cagliari, Petrol Beach.

Sometimes we could give kite lessons also in other kite spots of Southern Sardinia (e.g. Villasimius and Porto Botte), but only in particular cases and favorable weather conditions. So, definitely, we can guarantee our services only in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu.

During the summer season, because many beaches are crowded, the most of times our Kitesurfing lessons take place at Petrol Beach or Punta Trettu.

Obviously we cannot be sure that it will be windy all days. But moving  between Cagliari and Punta Trettu, we could offer kite classes almost everyday.

In case it will be impossible to complete your course because of lack of wind, you will be refunded in proportion to the taken hours. No refund is provided for other reasons no depending by us or by weather conditions.

Refund example:

  • if you have paid for 10 hours kite lessons and have taken just 8 hours of kite lessons because of the lack of wind (lack of wind have to be verified with the instructor) you will be refunded in proportion to not taken hours (all prices for kite lessons can be found at our price list page, here).
  • if you have paid for 10 hours kite lessons and you have taken just 8 hours of kite lessons because of other reasons different by weather conditions or for some reason not depending by us (i.e: student headache, problems with transportation, delay, etc.), you will not be refunded.

NB: some kite courses have a promotional price, sometimes really reduced if compaired to other kite course prices. If you paid for a promo kite course and you cannot take all hours of lessons because the lack of wind or for other reasons depending by us, you will be refunded in proportion to not taken hours by using our price list (all prices for kite lessons can be found at our price list page, here). Promo kite course have a really reduced price, sometimes lower than kite lessons that have less hours. As written above, you can decide to be refunded or, if you prefer, you can decide to have a coupon with the missing hours to use next time.


Note on the Best Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Many people will wonder: which is the best kite spot in Sardinia, the most beautiful, the one where the wind always blows? Well, there is no. In Sardinia the wind direction changes very often and when the wind changes direction, the kite spot will change too. Anyway, the Kite Spot of Sardinia considered among the best kite spot in the world is Punta Trettu.

What time the Kitesurfing Lessons start

Kite Lessons and Courses usually start after 12 pm (in fact, the wind, usually blows after 12 pm). Sometimes Kite Lessons and Courses can start early in the morning (at 9-10 am) or late in the afternoon (4-5 pm) when particular weather / wind conditions are present (planning and timing of kite lessons / courses usually can be fixed only 1-2 days before the lessons, when the weather forecast is more clear). For this reason, most of the times, we could advise you about the time and the kite spot where the kite lessons will take place, only the day before the lessons.

Prices of Kite Services proposed by KiteGeneration

You can find all prices for our kite services at our Price List Page.

General notes on Kitesurfing Lessons and Kite Camp

  1. Kitesurfing Courses and Lessons include all the technical equipment (wetsuit, helmet, bar and lines, kite, harness, board, etc.);
  2. Shuttle Service to the Kitesurfing spots could be offered from Cagliari, with a daily fee. People that like to take this service, will move with the instructors. Expecially during the summer season, the instructors could have several courses: in this case, the students that got the shuttle service, should wait the instructors will finish their lessons before to go back. People that would like to go back immediately after their kite lessons, could ask for a private driver/shuttle service by paying an extra cost (depending on the spot distance from Cagliari the price may vary from 30 to 100 euros: e.g 30 euro from Giorgino, 80 euro from Punta Trettu, 100 euro from Porto Botte; the taxi costs more or less twice than the private shuttle service). Kite Camp Packages includes the normal shuttle service (shuttle service with the instructor).
  3. The Kitesurf is suitable for everyone who has a good health and that is capable to swim; only the Mini Kite Course for Beginners could be suitable for people with good health but not capable to swim.
  4. We strongly recommend to avoid the “do it yourself” on kitesurf in order do not be dangerous for yourself and the others people;
  5. The individual attitudes for learning kitesurf can be very different from student to student: they can depend on age, practiced sports, athletic and mental conditions, etc; therefore the time required for learning kitesurf can be different for each student. With the Beginner Kite Course the instructors of Kitegeneration bring the students to control the kite and to have at least the first water-start and glide on the water.

How to book our Kite Lessons, Courses or Kite Camp Packages

Have you decided to take Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia with our Kitesurf Center? Well, we are proud of that !! 🙂

To proceed with the booking, you have to follow the instructions at the Kite Form / Booking page.

In case you still have some questions or you need some more information about our Kite Services, you can have a look at:

Then, if you still need further clarifications, please contact us by using our contact form.

Thanks and anyway, have a good stay and a good wind in Sardinia 🙂