Kitesurfing Poetto Beach in Cagliari Sardinia: tips and information on the kite-spot of Poetto beach

Poetto, the main beach of Cagliari, stretches for about eight kilometers, from the Devil’s Saddle (Sella del Diavolo in Italia) up to the Margine Rosso in the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena. Poetto beach is crowded especially in the summer season from May to September, also  in the evening when people enjoy the nice nightlife with live music and dance lessons. In addition to all this, the Poetto beach offers perfect conditions for many sports including Kitesurfing. Just imagine that every year some kitesurf events take place in this beautiful beach, e.g., the Kite Foil World Championships.

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Kitesurfing Cagliari Poetto July 2014
Kitesurfing Cagliari Poetto July 2014

Kitesurfing Poetto Beach, Cagliari: Kite Spot Description

  • Kite Spot Name: Poetto Beach of Cagliari.
  • Location: Municipality and Province  of Cagliari, South Sardinia.
  • Kite Spot Type: Sandy, Choppy Water, Waves.
  • Minimul Required Level: Beginner.
  • Best winds: Scirocco (SE) – Libeccio (SW).
  • Wind for waves: Scirocco (SE) – Levante (E).
  • Water temperature 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer).
  • Wind range 8-35 knots.
  • Facilities: parking, Bars.
  • Things to do: kitesurfing, SUP, windsurf.
  • Distance from the center of Cagliari: 5 Km.
  • Distance from parking: <  1 minute.

Poetto Beach is te winter kite-spot of Cagliari. Origin of the name derives from the Catalan pohuet (well), in reference to the numerous wells to collect the rainwater that are presnet on top of the Devil’s Saddle.

Being one of the most windy spots in Europe, Poetto Beach has been chosen for several kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing championships such as Kite Race World Champioship for Youth and Master2012 Kite World Championship.

Kitesurfing Poetto Cagliari. Wave Session at Poetto Beach
Kitesurfing Poetto, Cagliari, during a day with waves



Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach of Cagliari is funny both for beginners and expert riders.

The most frequent winds at Poetto Beach are the sea breeze, the Scirocco (South-East), the Levante (East), and the Mistral (North-West, off-shore here at Poetto). Sometimes, when the winds from east (Scirocco and Levante) blow strong, the kite-spot becomes extreme with waves and, for this reason, it becomes suitable only for expert kitesurfers. In these conditions, beginners can go kiting to the Poetto of Quartu Sant’Elena or to Punta Trettu.

During the summer season, when Poetto beach is very crowded, kitesurfing lessons take place in the Sardinia kitesurfing spot of  Petrol Beach and Punta Trettu, depending on blowing wind.

Kitesurfing Poetto Beach of Cagliari, Sardinia
Kitesurfing Poetto Beach of Cagliari, Sardinia

Kite Zones at Poetto Beach.

Poetto Beach is generally divided in several bus stops (“fermate” in italian) to identity the various stretches of the beach.

The most popular bus stop for Kitesurfing at Poetto beach is the sixth stop, in front of the Il Nilo kiosk bar. Here, the beach is very wide and there are big spaces to set the equipment and launch the kites. Just in front of beach there is a large parking.

Kitesurfing Lessons at Poetto Beach, Cagliari

As previously said, Poetto Beach, the main beach of Cagliari is one of the most popular Sardinia kitesurfing spots . Here at Poetto Beach, KiteGeneration Kiteschool offers kitesurfing Lessons from September to May. In the months of June, July, August, when Poetto Beach is really crowed, kitesurfing lessons take place in the Sardinia kitesurfing beaches of Petrol Beach and Punta Trettu, depending on blowing wind.

At Poetto beach of Cagliari, KiteGeneration kiteschool offers, in addition to kitesurfing lessons, even SUP lessons and tours, in the no windy and flat water days.

Directions to Poetto Beach

From the center of Cagliari, get Viale Diaz till Viale Poetto that lead to the Poetto beach. To easily understand how to arrive at the sixt bus stop of Poetto beach, you can have a look at the below map.

Kite-spots near Cagliari

Poetto, the beach of Cagliari, is one of the most popular Sardinia kitesurfing spot.

Poetto of Cagliari and the Poetto of Quartu Sant’Elena are the winter kite-spots of Cagliari. In the summer, kitesurfers of Cagliari move to Petrol Beach, the summer kite-spot of Cagliari that works only with thermal wind, or to Punta Trettu, considered the best kite-spot of Sardinia with flat and shallow water.

From Cagliari, located in central position in respect to many of the best Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots, you can easily reach the east coast (Villasimius, Costa Rei), the west coast (Porto Botte , Punta Trettu, Sant’Antioco) and the South Coast (Pula, Chia) of Sardinia.

Kitesurfing at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari
Kitesurfing at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari