Kitesurfing in Pula, Sardinia

Pula is located in the South of Sardinia, about 30 km  from Cagliari, near the ancient city of Nora, built by the Phoenicians around the 8th century BC. Pula has beautiful beaches and a crystal clear sea. With the winds of Grecale (NE) and Libeccio (SW), especially the beach of Santa Margherita becomes a good Kite Spots of Sardinia. Kitesurfing Pula, welcome to another Sardinia Kitesurfing Spot!!

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Kitesurfing Pula, Flamingo beach: Spot description

The fantastic beach of Santa Margherita of Pula, especially the Flamingo Beach, is a good Kite Spots of Sardinia .

This kite spot works with the winds of:

  • Grecale (NE), that can create great waves to ride.
  • Libeccio (SW), that in the Summer season usually can blow over 20 knots.

During the Summer season, especially on weekends, Kitesurfing Pula is very complicated and most of the rime impossible because of swimmers and umbrellas.

Being Pula a wave kite spot and given that during the summer season the beaches are very crowded, Kitesurf in Pula is suitable just to expert.

Anyway, the kite beginners and also the expert riders are recommended to move, especially to the summer season, to the closest kite spots of Poetto Beach, Giorgino, Petrol Beach, Punta Trettu.

Kitesurfing Pula, Santa Margherita, Sardinia Island, Italy
Kitesurfing Pula, Sardinia

Kitesurfing Pula, Flamingo beach: Spot Characteristics

  • Kite Spot Name: Flamingo Beach, Pula
  • Location: Municipality of Pula, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia.
  • Kite Spot Type: Sandy, Choppy / Wave.
  • Minimum Required Level: intermediate.
  • Best winds: Libeccio (SW) – Grecale (NE)
  • Wind for waves: Grecale (NE) – Levante (E) – Scirocco (SE).
  • Water temperature 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer).
  • Wind range 12 – 30 knots.
  • Facilities: parking.
  • Things to do: kitesurfing.
  • Distance from the centre of Cagliari: 35 Km.
  • Distance from parking: 2-5 min.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Pula, Sardinia

As seen previously, the Kite Spot of Pula is a wave spot. In addition, during the summer season it is very crowded. Therefore the beaches of Pula are not suitable for Kitesurfing Lessons.

Kite beginners and expert riders are recommended to move for kitesurfing and for Kitesurfing Lessons to the closest kite spots of Poetto Beach, Giorgino, Petrol Beach, Punta Trettu.

Directions to Pula

To reach the beach of Santa Margherita from Cagliari, get he the road SS 195 towards Pula / Chia.

After approximately 33,5 km from Cagliari, turn to the left and follow the Flamingo hotel signs.

Kite Spots Near Pula

Near Pula, you can kitesurf in the near Kite Spots of Poetto Beach, Giorgino, Petrol Beach, Punta Trettu. All these Kite Spots of Sardinia are really good, also for beginners.