Kitesurfing Punta Trettu, Sardinia: The best Kite Spot with Flat Water and Shallow Water

Punta Trettu has became famous as one of the Best Kite Spot in Europe. its popularity has grown enormously in recent years because it is a perfect place for kitesurfing: shallow water, flat water and constant winds make kitesurfing easy and exciting for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about Punta Trettu and kitesurfing in this beautiful place.

Punta Trettu is a location in the south-west of Sardinia, in Italy, in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, exactly in front of the island of Sant’Antioco.  Matzaccara is the nearest inhabited center even if, for the most important services, the closest town are San Giovanni Suergiu and Sant’Antioco. Punta Trettu has become famous as one of the Best Sardinia Kite Spots and one of the Best Kite Spots in Europe. This is the reason why Punta Trettu is often associated with Kitesurfing. Punta Trettu, Kite Punta Trettu, Punta Trettu Kitesurf, Kitesurfing Punta Trettu are therefore now commonly considered synonyms.

Punta Trettu is a strip of land surrounded by the sea that point straight (Punta Trettu, this is the origin of the name) to the town of Sant’Antioco.

In Punta Trettu is located the Punta Trettu Kite Cener, our Kitesurf Center in Punta Trettu..

Punta Trettu Kite Center is “free entrance”: here you could find everything you need for Kitesurfing and forother sports like Windsurf, SUP and Surf, you could rent bikes and join to Boat Tours, or relaxing plaing Beach Volley or in the swimming pool.

At Punta Trettu Kite Center, you  could also book bedrooms, all new with private bathroom, if you wish to stay in Punta Trettu for some days and have some drinks and snacks at our Kite Bar.

Here below, you could find information about the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu (e.g rules, maps, etc) and many services as:


  • B&B: if you like to stay overnight, we have lovely rooms, each one with its private bathroom and terrace
  • Kite Café (Food & Drink): we offer a wide range of typical food and drink to accomodate all taste buds and give you that extra kick of energybefore and after the kitesurfing
  • Free parking
  • Free parking for caravan and camper
  • Official North Kiteboarding and Mystic Kite School
  • Official VDWS kite School
  • Shop:: on our shop you can find everything you need to kitesurf including our sponsor brands North Kiteboarding and Mystic
  • Info point
  • Relax area with swimming pool: your loved ones can relax by the pool while you have fun kitesurfing
  • Free Internet WiFi
  • Kitesurf equipment washing area
  • Hot showers
  • Toilets and changing room
  • Equipment rental
  • Assistance and rescue services
  • Kite Repair
  • Stone barbecue (BBQ)


Kitesurfing Sardinia, Kite Spot of Punta Trettu. Kitesurfing Punta Trettu the Best Kite Spot of Sardinia, with Flat Shallow Water
Kitesurfing Sardinia, Kite Spot of Punta Trettu

Description of the Kite Spot

Punta Trettu is considered one of the best Sardinia kitesurfing Spot, probably one of the best kite spots in Europe.

Located close to the kite spots of Sant’Antioco and Porto Botte, Punta Trettu is a perfect spot for kitesurfing because the shallow  and flat water almost everywhere: riders can stand up and walk for hundreds meters.

The kite spot of Punta Trettu is considered a lagoon because almost completely surrounded by land. In truth. in Punta Trettu the sea water is current and the flows are created a sea natural channel, that runs along the island of Sant’Antioco, where the boats can navigate.

Kite Spot of Punta Trettu, Sardinia: Perfect Kite Spot with Flat Shalloe Water, Steady Wind
Kite Spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia

Punta Trettu is a perfect kite spot of Sardinia especially for beginners that can learn to kitesurf in a safe kite spot with shallow and flat water.

The best winds for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu are the Mistral (blowing from North-West) and the Scirocco (blowing from South-East). Even strong winds from South work well. The winds from West or South West could be enough good if they are strong.

Punta Trettu is one of the Kite Spots of Sardinia where our Kiteschool offers kitesurfing lessons and other services. In fact, here in Punta Trettu is located our Punta Trettu Kitesurf Center where you could find everything you need for Kitesurfing and to enjoy other sports like Windsurf, SUP, Surf, Mountain Bike, Beach Volley. You could find also the possibility to join to Boat Tours or relax with some drinks and snacks. In the Punta Trettu Kitesurf Center you have the possibility also to book some bedrooms , all with private bathroom, for people wishing to stay in Punta Trettu for some days.

So … Come to Punta Trettu and enjoy great emotions!

Punta Trettu Kite Beach

  • Kite Spot Name: Punta Trettu.
  • Location: Municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, Province of Carbonia Iglesias, South Sardinia.
  • Kite Spot Type: Sandy, Flat and Shallow water.
  • Minimum Required Level: Beginner.
  • Best winds: Mistral and Scirocco.
  • Wind for waves: No Wind for Waves, Flat Water Spot.
  • Water temperature 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer).
  • Wind range 12-40 knots.
  • Facilities: Parking, Bar, Accommodations; Bike, Windsurf, Sup, Kitesurf, Beach Volley; Kite Zone.
  • Distance of the Kite Beach from the center of Cagliari: 85 Km.
  • Distance of the Kite Beach from parking: 10 min.

Punta Trettu Maps

In Punta Trettu, Three Sea Zones have been identified:

  • Two (2) Zone for kitesurfing;
  • One (1) zone where is absolutely forbidden to kitesurf.

In fat, although Punta Trettu is a place where there is almost total absence of swimmers because of the shallow water and the dense vegetation, in Punta Trettu there are some areas where kitesurfing is absolutely forbidden (No Kite Zones).

People that will kitesurf in those No-Kite Zones, can incur into a huge fine from the sea police and guard coast.

Punta Trettu Kite Zones

The Two Zones of Punta Trettu where Kitesurfing is allowed are:

  • one area dedicated to the kite schools having kite courses / lessons.
  • one area dedicated to the independent riders (intermediate or advanced), not having lessons (in this area the water is not always shallow).

To well understand the Kite Zones of Punta Trettu, please refer to the picture and to the video.

Kite Zones in Punta Trettu: Areas where Kitesurfing is allowed and areas where kite is forbidden. Please respect these areas in order don't get fines from the coast guard
Punta Trettu Kite Zones

Zones Where Kitesurf is not Allowed

The Zones of Punta Trettu where Kitesurfing is not allowed are:

  • The boat channel where boats can navigate.
  • The zones of Punta Trettu dedicated to the fishermen where fishermen’s nets are often installed.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

As said before, Punta Trettu, in the South-West coast of Sardinia, not far from Porto Botte and Sant’Antioco, is one of the Sardinia kite spots where we are offering kitesurfing Lessons.

Perfect conditions for Kitesurfing lessons in Punta Trettu can be found with the winds of Mistral and Scirocco.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Punta Trettu, Perfet Kite Spot in Sardinia to Learn To Kitesurf
Kitesurfing Lessons in Punta Trettu

Directions to Punta Trettu

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is about 85 kilometers away from Punta Trettu.

From Cagliari, get the S.S. 130 to Carbonia, then continue to Matzaccara and finally to Punta Trettu.

Here under, the coordinates of the main places of Punta Trettu.

  • Punta Trett Parking: 39.118079, 8.439772
  • Punta Trettu Kite Beach: 39.112367, 8.437019
  • Kite Punta Trettu Kitesurf School: 39.118725, 8.445074


Kite Spots Near Punta Trettu

Although Punta Trettu remains perhaps the best Sardinia kitesurfing spot for beginners, in the South West of Sardinia, there are other kitesurfing Spots:

  • The Kite Spots in the Sant’Antioco’s island, pratically all for expert riders.
  • The Kite Spot of Porto Botte, great with the wind of Mistral that blows side onshore and create a choppy water.
  • The Kite Spot of Funtanamare, a very good wave spot.
  • The Kite Spot of Porto PIno beach, a really beautiful beach where the winds are almost always gusty.

Even the area of Cagliari, not so far from Punta Trettu, have very good kite spots, e.g, Poetto and Petrol Beach that can be reached in approximately one hour from Punta Trettu.

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