Kitesurfing Sardinia and BITAS 2013

With this brief report, Kitegeneration‘s staff would like to share the BITAS 2013 experience, highlighting the event’s muster points, the held meetings and the prospects for the Sardinia kitesurfing development in the next future.

Kitesurfing Sardinia and BITAS 2013: day 1

The BITAS 2013 started, with an opening conference in the evening of March 12th, at the presence of several Institutional representatives, experts and workers in the tourism sector and local community with contribution of Institutional representatives and experts such as:

  • Ada Lai – Chef of President Cabinet Regione Autonoma della  Sardegna
  • Mariano Mariani – General Manager, Agenzia  Sardegna  Promozione
  • Luigi Crisponi – Regional Councillor for Tourism
  • Piero Franco Casula – mayor of Comune di Bosa
  • Maurizio Goetz – professor in Touristic and Media Web Marketing and Tourism – Università Bicocca and Università IULM

The main message carried out from this opening section has been the need of improving the active tourism sector and exploit more its potential:

  • pushing on the less exploited area such as interior part of Sardinia,
  • increasing the presence of tourists during the low seasons,
  • creating networking with other sectors (e.g. local handcraft, typical cuisine¦)

This need was shown from both Regional Institution as well as local representatives who are trying to increase local attraction (e.g. Bosa municipality).

During the discussion section of the opening conference, kitegeneration had the opportunity to present a short overview of situation of kitesurf in Southern Sardinia.

In his presentation kitegeneration’s staff showed the potential of the tourism linked with kitesurfing, highlighting the presence of natural resources and local competencies as strength points.

Furthermore the limits to this development, related with the almost total absence of appropriate areas to practice this activity in safety and legal way, were reported.

Other contributions during the discussion section from representatives of several fields (climbing, equitation), local Institutions and tour operators were presented underlining:

  • total absence of a specific plan and partnership with private companies for transportation from/to Sardinia, especially during the low season
  • partial absence of Institutional support and funding.

At the end of the opening conference Kitegeneration’s staff had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mariano Mariani e Mrs. Maria Letizia Locci (General Manager and Senior Manager of Agenzia Sardegna Promozione, respectively) who shown interest on developing the kitesurfing in Sardinia and promise support on:

  • the request of installation of a dedicated area for kitesurf in the Poetto beach,
  • the preparation of the next events related with kitesurf (i.e. Worldcup events 2013 promoted by Yacht Club Cagliari).

Kitesurfing Sardinia and BITAS 2013: day 2

Kitegeneration was present at the BITAS 2013 also during the second day, March 13th, promoting the kitesurfing in the stand of “wave sport” and in the stand of Regione Sardegna, sharing info, opinion and experience with curious visitants, local kiters, tourism operators and journalists (see this article onthe newspaper ” La nuova Sardegna” Sardegna & Sport Verdi in Bassa Stagione).

Among the operators, it worth to point out one of the main Italian surf-kitesurf operator such as surfcamp (, that shown its interest on Sardinia and its potentiality.

Ultimately, BITAS 2013 gave to Kitegeneration Kiteschool in Sardinia the opportunity to show the sport and its potentialities, attracting the attention of several people, tour operators and institution representatives that could provide a concrete support for developing both kitesurf and turism.

March 19, 2013