Kitesurfing Villasimius, Sardinia

Advanced Kite Course in Sardinia
Advanced Kite Course in Sardinia

Are you coming to Villasimius and do you like to have kitesurfing Lessons or simply know where to kitesurf in this beautiful Location of Sardinia? here you are in the correct place! ūüôā

In this page you could find information on:

  1. Kitesurfing Lessons in Villasimius
  2. Prices of Kite Lessons in Villasimius
  3. Information about the kite Beaches of Villasimius.

1. Kitesurfing Lessons in Villasimius

Would you like to take Kitesurfing Lessons in Villasimius in order to Learn to kitesurf or improve your kite level?

Here below you could find all the info you need ūüôā

How are working the Kite Lessons in Villasimius

In Villasimius, the kite course for beginners are organized and divided in 4 steps with whom you will progress till the water start :

  1. Step 1 on the beach, 2 hours) – Theory + Setting Up of the Kite + Control of The Kite
  2. Step 2 (on the beach, 2 hours) – Control of The Kite (Phase 2) + Similation of the Water start
  3. Step 3 (on the water, 2 hours) РRe-Launch of the kite from the water + Body Dragging  (with and without board)
  4. Step 4 (on the water, 2 hours) – Water Start Phase.

To the people that will book the first 2 steps, after the first 3 hours of lessons (step 1) we will lend you (for the rest of the day) a Kite Trainer (totaly safe to be used after 3 hours of lesson) in order you could improve your kite control! In this way, at the second lesson (step 2), you will have a plus for continuing your kite course!

Step 3 and Step 4 of Kite Lessons will be on the water. In these phases we will use a boat to move away from the beach and from bathers in order to be able to kitesurf safely. In these two phases, we will use two way radio helmets: Instructor and student can communicate with each other and stay always connected.

If you are not a beginner, you should tell us which is your kite level (we can properly understand which is your kite level if you tell us how many hours of lessons you have already done), then we could decide togheter wich is the best lessons for you.

If you would like to enjoy a Mini Kite Course (2 hours), for the description, you can refere to the page Mini Kite Course.

Contact us for info and bookings!

2. Prices of Kitesurfing Lessons in Villasimius

Description Level hours of Lesson Semi-Private

(2 or 3 people)


(1 person)

Step 1

(On the Beach)

Beginner 3 99 169
Step 2

(On the Beach)

Beginner 2 79 119
Step 3

(On the Water)

Beginner 2 99 159
Step 4

(On teh Water)

Beginner 2 99 159
Complete Kite Course for Beginners

(Step 1, 2, 3, 4)

Beginner 9 359  


 Mini Kite Course beginner 2 79 119
Kite Session for Advanced Intermediate / Advanced 3 119 179


Kite Courses Notes

  • Prices¬†are per person.
  • To understand how¬†are running and how we are managing our kite coures and lessons, and how is working our kite school, please refer to the page¬†Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia.
  • Kite equipment for kite courses: all the kite equipment required for the kite courses/lessons is provided (students will have wetsuit, impact vest, harnesses, helmet as well as the kite surfing equipment).
  • Mandatory: students¬†must be healthy and able to swim for the Steps after 2. .
  • Private courses/lessons:¬†1 instructor/1 kite dedicated to the student for private courses/lessons
  • Semi-private¬†courses/lessons:
    • 1 instructor/1 kite dedicated every 2-3 students for¬†semi-private¬†courses/lessons
    • Prices of semi-private¬†courses/lessons are valid if you are 2 ¬†or more people
    • Semi-private courses are¬†just for groups of friends who do¬†the course on the same days.
      In most cases we can’t join students who do not know each other, as they have always different needs (eg: different days of course, different hours of course) or different characteristics (different weights, different levels)
    • for safety rules, we use one kite per instructor. If the students have the proper level (they can really well control the kite, they can do the body drag in all conditions, they can ride upwind), each student can have one kite. In this case, lessons/courses of each student will be considered as private lessons/courses.
  • Kite certificate¬†will be provided at the end of¬†the Kite course.¬†Certificate will be provided by mail.
  • How to book the Kite Lessons / Courses:
    • Important: We can‚Äôt guarantee availability of places for kite courses and Kite camp for last minute reservations.
    • First step¬†to book a¬†Course Lessons / Courses is to register to our¬†Registration Page.
    • Second Step:¬†To be sure that your kite course / Kite Camp package is confirmed, a down-payment of 30% of the total shall be done via bank transfer or paypal (in this case by adding 3% of commission). Please¬†contact us¬†after the registration to know how to proceed for the payment.
  • People¬†that book a Kite Course (Kite course of at least 12¬†hours), at least3 weeks in advance, will have a¬†KiteGeneration¬†T-Shirt for free (save 25 euro per T-Shirt), if not sold out!
  • Payment of the Kite Lessons / Courses:
    • The full amount of the kite service¬†shall¬†be paid before or at the¬†first kite¬†lesson / the first day of kite camp. The payment can be done by bank transfer, by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), by paypal (by adding 3% of commission)¬†or by cash.¬†In case¬†it will be impossible to complete your course because of lack of wind¬†you will be refunded in proportion to the taken hours. No refund is provided for other reasons no depending by us or by weather conditions.
    • KiteGeneration¬†is based in Cagliari and and for kite courses in Villasimius our instructors should drive till Villasimius. In addition, due to the large number of bathers we should use a boat for kitesurfing lessons. For those reasons, prices for¬†kite courses in Villasimius¬†are higher than what is¬†shown in the¬†price list¬†, that refers to kite courses around Cagliari.

Contact us for info and bookings!


3. Kitesurfing Villasimius: Features of Villasimius Kite Beaches

Minimun level required Medium
Kind of Spot Sandy
Sea bed Sandy
Best winds Ponente (W) – Scirocco (SE) – Mistral (NW)
Water shape Choppy – Wavy
Wind for waves Scirocco (SE)
Distance from the centre of Cagliari 45 Km
Distance from parking 1 min
Water temperature 15 ¬įC (winter) ‚Äď 25 ¬įC (summer)
Wind range 12-30 knots
Coordinates of Porto Giunco Beach 39.117000, 9.519473

Kitesurfing Villasimius: spot description

Kitesurfing Villasimius Sardinia October 2014
Kitesurfing Villasimius Sardinia October 2014

Villasimius is famous for its beaches and for its windy spots like Campulongu and Porto Giunco.

Campulongu and Porto Giunco have a very thin and white sand, crystal waters and is surrounded by Mediterranean maquis.

In the middle of Campulongu bay there are some rocks, which can disappear under the waves: pay attention! Campulongu has a small beach and for this reason is not easy launching and landing the kite. The best winds for kitesurfing Campulongu are Ponente and Libeccio, both onshore.

Porto Giunco has a wide beach and the bay has not dangerous rocks. The best wind for Kitesurfing Porto Giunco are Grecale and Levante.

Kitesurfing Villasimius during summer season is very hard because of many bathers. During this season a Kitesurf Lift Service is required.

How to reach Villasimius

From Cagliari or Quartu Sant’Elena, get the spectacular¬†coast road to Villasimius for 50 km.

Kitesurfing Lessons, SUP Lessons and Tours  in Villasimius

In Villasimius, KiteGeneration offers, in case of proper weather conditions:

In particular during the summer season, from June to September (high season), due to the large number of bathers and the absence of kite lanes, there is a need to use a lift service (boat) for kitesurfing and kitesurfing lessons. For this reason, when is necessary to use a boat for kitesurfing lessons, prices of kite courses in Villasimius are higher than what is shown in the price list.

Contact us for info!

Kitesurfing Villasimius, Sardinia
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