Kitesurfing Villasimius, Sardinia

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In Villasimius, KiteGeneration offers, in case of proper weather conditions:

In particular during the summer season, from June to September (high season), due to the large number of bathers and the absence of kite lanes, there is a need to use a lift service (boat) for kitesurfing and kitesurfing lessons. For this reason, when is necessary to use a boat for kitesurfing lessons, prices of kite courses in Villasimius are higher than what is shown in the price list.

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Kitesurfing Villasimius: Spot features

  • Minimun level required: Medium
  • Kind of Spot: Sandy
  • Sea bed: Sandy
  • The best wind: West, South-east, South-West, Mistral
  • Water shape: Choppy/Wave
  • Wind for waves: North-West, South-West
  • Distance from the centre of Cagliari: 45 km
  • Distance from parking: 1 min
  • Water temperature: 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer)
  • Wind range: 12-40 Knots
  • Coordinates of Porto Giunco Beach: 39.117000, 9.519473

Kitesurfing Villasimius: spot description

Kitesurfing Villasimius Sardinia October 2014
Kitesurfing Villasimius Sardinia October 2014

Villasimius is famous for its beaches and for its windy spots like Campulongu and Porto Giunco.

Campulongu and Porto Giunco have a very thin and white sand, crystal waters and is surrounded by Mediterranean maquis.

In the middle of Campulongu bay there are some rocks, which can disappear under the waves: pay attention! Campulongu has a small beach and for this reason is not easy launching and landing the kite. The best winds for kitesurfing Campulongu are Ponente and Libeccio, both onshore.

Porto Giunco has a wide beach and the bay has not dangerous rocks. The best wind for Kitesurfing Porto Giunco are Grecale and Levante.

Kitesurfing Villasimius during summer season is very hard because of many bathers. During this season a Kitesurf Lift Service is required.

How to reach Villasimius

From Cagliari or Quartu Sant’Elena, get the spectacular coast road to Villasimius for 50 km.

Kitesurfing Villasimius, Sardinia
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