Punta Trettu Kite Beach Rules

Are you coming to Punta Trettu in Sardinia for Kitesurfing? Great! You are welcome to kitesurf with us at the kite beach of Punta Trettu! You have just to respect some simple rules and regulations in order to guarantee the safety, to be compliant with the requirement of Coast Guard (Sea Police) and to to ensure that the kite community can have access to Punta Trettu kite Beach. in fact, local Kite Schools are working to popularize kiteboarding in Punta Trettu and Sardinia and ensure that kiteboarders can enjoy the use of Punta Trettu safely for everybody.

Be friendly, have fun and respect the rules: Enjoy kitesurfing at Punta Trettu!

Rules and regulations for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

General Rules

  1. Check-in at one of the official Kite Centers. Ask about how it works here.
  2. Third Party Liability Insurance: Italian law requires a Third party liability insurance for each kiteboarder.
  3. Kiteboarders must sign in the daily sheet before going on the water.
  4. Jumps and crazy ideas on / close to the beach are strictly forbidden.
  5. Independent Kiteboarders must be able to:
    1. Return to the same point from which he/she launched;
    2. Not have to look at the kite to control it;
    3. Quickly re-launch the kite in less than 30 seconds;
    4. Wind up the lines onto the bar, and use the kite to drag it to shore in the event of a downed kite that cannot be re-launched;
    5. Land the kite while respecting other beach users.
  6. Not independent Kiteboarders need professional kite training.
  7. Kite Teaching is allowed to the official kite schools only. Official kite schools got the permit from the Municipality.
  8. Kiteboarders need to keep other people (e.g. other kiters, swimmers, beach users) safe all the time

On the beach / when Launching or Landing the kite

  1. Don’t Leave a board in the sand with the fins facing upwards.
  2. Carefully check the kite Set-Up and Conditions before to launch the kite.
  3. Launch the kite only if the lunch area is clear; don’t launch the kite upwind to trees, bushes, rocks and every other obstacle.
  4. Use only kiteboarding equipment with an emergency de-power system and a kite leash attached at all times.
  5. Assisted launch and landing by experienced people only.
  6. Do not stay on / close to the beach while flying your kite.
  7. Leave the beach and return to the beach in a slow and controlled manner
  8. Wind up the control lines when not in use. Don’t leave them lying on the beach.

On the water

  1. Give way to kiteboarders entering on the water
  2. Starboard Tack has right-Of-Way (Right hand forward is STARBOARD, Left hans Forward is POrt)
  3. Jumping Kiters loose Right-of-Way
  4. Turning kiters loose Righ-of-Way
  5. Yeld to emergency vehicles.