Kite Go-Pro and Photo Service

Would you like to have photos of your first meters on the kiteboard or while performing your greatest kite tricks?

Would you like to capture the best moments of you holiday in Sardinia, while having a SUP tour or kite lessons, while snorkeling or playing beach volley?

Capture the most exciting moments of your holiday, Bookour Kite Go-Pro and Photo Service.

Our instructors take every day, during kitesurfing lessons and sessions, photos with Go-Pro sport cameras.

Kite Go Pro Service and Kite Photo Service

With the Kite Go Pro Service, used in all the lessons from the water-start, the instructor will film part of your lesson and it will be easier for you to understand which moments / controlling you should improve and which mistakes you should avoid.

If you are an advanced Kiters, you can even take advantage by Renting a Go-Pro for you kite session!

Alternatively you can have a Private Photo Shooting with a professional Camera. Within your session, our photographer only focuses on you and your tricks. With this service, the photos will be shared with you ans you can choose your greatest shots in order to create you collection.

Kite Go-Pro and Photo Service
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