Learn to Surf in Cagliari at Poetto Beach

Surf Course in Cagliari Sardinia
Surf Course in Cagliari

Would you like to learn to Surf and do you like to attend a Surf CourseKiteGeneration offers, as well as kitesurfing lessons, SUP lessons and toursboat trips, also Surfing courses. The Surf courses are held at the Sixth Bus Stop of Poetto Beach of Cagliari, at the Chiosco Bar Il Nilo.

Surf Course at Poetto Beach of Cagliari

Surfing on the sea is fantastic: you can have a fan and enjoy the sea. The sea can be enjoyed but have also to be respected, and that is why we recommend to all those who like to start correctly and safely with the Surf to attend a Surf course.

The Surf Course of KiteGeneration is aimed at the people, both adults and children, that like to approch the Surf in the right way. It is a lesson of 3 hours in which you will learn the basics of surf and you will understand what are the movements to do to stand up on the board and ride the first waves.

Surf Course at Poetto Beach Cagliari Sardinia
Surf Course at Poetto Beach

All that you need is a towel … we will give you all the rest!

What you will learn with the Surf Course?

  • Muscle warming exercices
  • Characteristics of the surf board
  • The trim: the correct position on the board.
  • Take speed with the table
  • Take off: how to stand on a surfboard

What is include in the Surf Course?

  • The equipment (board, wetsuit, leash)
  • Instructor
  • * Photos of the Course (Our instructors will take pictures to all students. A the end of the course you can see and buy the ones you like


  • Accommodation in historic center of Cagliari
  • Transportation to / from the spot (if different from Poetto)
Cost of the Surf Course

The cost of the Surf course (lesson of 3 hours) is 60 €