Surfing Sardinia

Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal place for Kitesurfing (as already said), for SUP, and even for Surfing because the high percentage of windy and wave days.

Surfing Sardinia: How Are The Waves In The Mediterranean Sea

There is a big difference between the Mediterranean’s waves and Oceans’ waves.

Waves are created by wind.

The area of ​​sea where wind blows with constant direction and intensity is called “fetch“. The distance of the fetch from the coast, the intensity and the duration of the wind, give the characteristics of period, height and length of the waves.

In particular, the waves which are generated by the wind in a certain place are called lives waves (eg waves generated by a fetch close to shore).

The waves originated by a far wind (fetch far from the coast) are called swells or simply long waves.

When the wind starts to blow the sea there is a continuous transfer of energy from the wind to the sea with a u-generation wavelets. The waves just created, will begin to run until the coast. As far the fetch is from the coast as greater are the waves.

This is the reason why in the oceans, where there are large spaces, waves are bigger than the Mediterranean Sea, including Sardinia Island, where the available space for creating the waves is more limited.


Surfing in Sardinia: Poetto, Cagliari, Villasimius, Chia.
Surfing in Sardinia

: which is the best Sardinia Surf Spot?

Sardinia can still be considered a surfers paradise: emerald sea, golden beaches and many surf spots with unique waves.

Little did we know the waves in the Mediterranean were pretty damn good for anywhere in the world”, said, once, a surfer about Sardinia.

In Sardinia there are many spots for surfing. Many people will wonder: “… But which is the best spot for surfing in Sardinia, the most beautiful, the one where we can find always waves?

Well … there is not!

As we already learned, in Sardinia the waves are depending, most of the time, from local winds. Because in Sardinia the wind direction changes often, surf spots will change often.

So, what to do?

Most frequent winds in Sardinia are:

  • Mistral (wind from North-West, good surf spots in the West and North coast of Sardinia),
  • Sirocco (wind from South-East, good surf spots in the South coast of Sardinia),
  • Grecale (wind from North-East, good surf spots in the East coast of Sardinia).

The suggestion is to contact a surf school. If you are in the South Sardinia and you like to learn Surfing, you can get in contact with KiteGeneration in Cagliari that is offering Kitesurfing, SUP and Surfing lessons and in case of different weather conditions, you can easily switch sport without losing time!

In all other cases, it is strongly recommended to have a car to move in the different surf spots when wind change direction. However, be careful that, if you are not an expert on weather conditions of Sardinia, find the wind and the waves cannot be so simple.

The most famous surf spots in Sardinia are:

  • Poetto beach of Cagliari (CA),
  • Capo Ferrato (CA),
  • Sant’Elmo (CA),
  • Chia (CA),
  • Bugerru (CI),
  • Capu Mannu (OR).

To read a full post on the surf spots of Sardinia, see Sardinia Surf Spots.


KiteGeneration: Kitesurf, SUP, Surf school

KiteGeneration is a Kite Surf school founded in 2009 with the aim of teaching kitesurfing,

In case of suitable weather conditions, KiteGeneration also teaches Surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing).

The school is located in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.