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KiteGeneration is a Kite & Surf Center in Sardinia that proposes kitesurf, SUP, Windsurf  and Surf services, Boat Tours, Rental Bike, Accommodations in Punta Trettu (headquarter, where we have our Punta Trettu Kite Center) and in Cagliari (branch), in the Southern Sardinia. We offer our services in these two locations. Additionally, we can offer our Trial Kite Course  in other locations (e.g. Villasimius, a specific section with the prices for Villasimius is reported below), but only with favorable weather conditions and by previous agreements.

Usually we teach Kitesurf in the spot around Cagliari and in Punta Trettu, by choosing the spot depending on weather forecast and wind direction. Between these two kite spots, most of the times, we can find the best conditions for kite lessons). Sometimes we could give kite lessons also in other kite spots of Southern Sardinia (e.g. Villasimius and Porto Botte), but only in particular cases and favorable weather conditions. So, definitely, we can guarantee our services only in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu.. In fact, even if Sardinia is a very windy island (for more info on weather conditions in Sardinia have a look at this article), it is impossible guarantee the availability of wind always in the same kite spot. But, moving between Cagliari and Punta Trettu and sometimes other kite spots, we can almost always reach a windy kite beach with proper windy conditions for Kite Lessons! Moving to different kite beaches, obviously, we cannot be 100% sure there will be wind all days, but we have a really high chance to offer kite lessons everyday.

Address of KiteGeneration Offices

KiteGeneration Office in Punta Trettu

  • Località Punta Trettu SNC, 09010 San Giovanni Suergiu (Sud Sardegna), Italy
  • Website: www.puntatrettukitecenter.com
  • Mail: info@puntatrettukitecenter.com
  • Whatsapp / Tel. : +39 327 5376016
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KiteGeneration Office in Cagliari