Windsurf, SUP, Bike, Tours, Wakeboard, Beach Volley and More!

Are you coming to Sardinia for kitesurfing but your family or your friends would like just to take sunbath or enjoy some other activities? Or are you just wondering which kind of other activities you could do in case of lack of wind? Don’t worry!

Beyond Kitesurfing, we proposes also other activities that will allow you to make fantastic your holidays in Sardinia. Some of those activities are directly managed by us, some other activities are managed by our partners.

The other activities directly managed by us are:

Among the other activities proposed by our partners there are:

  • Horse Riding and Riding Lessons.

Other Activities proposed and managed directly by our Kite & Surf Center

Windsurfing Lessons and Windsurfing Rental

Would you like to learn to Windsurf in Sardinia? Have Windsurf Lessons with us during your holiday in Sardinia. We offer Windsurf services (Lessons and rental) in Punta Trettu located in the South West coast of Sardinia.

Windsurf Lessons

We offer Windsurf Lessons in Punta Trettu, both for children and adults. Windsurfing lessons are divided onto different levels to offer the correct approach to the age and abilities of the students. Qualified instructors will ensure the best results with hapiness and safety.

Windsurfing lessons include all equipment (board, sail, wetsuit, life jacket, Helmet), assistance and certificate. Wind Surfing Lessons can run every, except in the days of bad weather conditions.

Additional info on Windsurfing Lessons are listed here under:

  • to participate to our windsurfing Lessons you must be able to swim, you must be healthy and be over 4 years old;
  • Windsurf Lessons include full assistance and support of an instructor;
  • Wind Surf Lessons content: balance and acclimatization, recovery of sailing and starting, tacking and jibing;
  • Skills achieved at the end of the course:
    • Knoledge on windsurfing and safety;
    • Balance and safe movement on the surf board;
    • Basic on meteorological knowledge;
    • Knowing how to arm and disarm the Windsurf equipment;
    • Main knots;
    • stop / start;
    • Sailing and maintaining the sailing direction;
    • Change of sailing direction.
  • Duration: we propose different windsurf lessons and courses, starting from 3 hours.

Since our Center gets rather busy during the summer season we recommend pre-booking your Windsurfing Lessons.

To know the prices of our windsurfing lessons in Punta Trettu,  please refer to to our price list, at this page.

Windsurf Rental

We offer windsurf rental service in Punta Trettu.

Since our Center gets rather busy during the summer season we recommend pre-booking your rental days.

To know the prices of our windsurfing rental service in Punta Trettu,  please refer to to our price list, at this page.

Stand Up Paddle Tours, SUP Lessons, SUP Rental

Are you coming to Sardinia for your holidays and would you like to enjoy an incredible experience? Discover the sea of Sardinia with a fantastic Stand Up Paddle experience!

With a SUP you will be standing on a surf board and Paddling yourself around.

SUP is an easy and accessible sport, pleasant and relaxing, able to immediately give great emotions.

Our Center offers SUP Tours, SUP Lessons and SUP rental.

SUP lessons are addressed to people that never tried before the Stand Up Paddle.

SUP Tours and SUP rental are addressed to people that already have some experience and that like to enjoy and discover Sardinia standing on a Surf board.

SUP tours are running only when wind is not blowing, usually in the early mornings. With the SUP excursions you will able to discover and explore of the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of the coasts of Sardinia.

In the surroundings of Punta Trettu, some tours are available:

  1. SUP tour to Sant’Antioco (Total distance A/R: 9,5 Km),
  2. SUP tour to Porto Pino (Total distance A/R: 10,5 Km),
  3. SUP tour to Masua – Pan di Zucchero (Total distance A/R: 11,5 Km),
  4. SUP Tour to Carloforte (Total distance A/R: only with a boat),

SUP tour to Sant’Antioco and Porto Pino are suitable for beginners, Tour in SUP to Masua – Pan di Zucchero is for expert riders, SUP Tour to Carloforte is runned just with the support of a boat.

To know the prices of our Stand Up Paddle – SUP services in Punta Trettu, please refer to to our price list, at this page.

Surf Lessons, and Surf Rental

Surf Lessons and Surf Rental in Sardinia, Cagliari and Punta Trettu
Surf in Sardinia

Would you like to learn to Surf or do you like to rent a surf board? Our Surf Lessons and our Surf rental service are what you need to enjoy the sea of Sardinia. We offer those Surf Services just in our center in Punta Trettu, in the west coast of Sardinia. Surf Lessons are organized in the best beaches near Punta Trettu.

To know the prices of our Surf Lessons and Surf Rental service in Punta Trettu, please refer to to our Price List Page.

Boat Tours

We offer boat tours in Cagliari and Villasimius, and in Carloforte, Masua – Porto Flavia – Pan di Zucchero – Cala Domestica, starting from our center in Punta Trettu.

To have an overview of:

The Boat Tours to Carloforte and to Masua – porto Flavia – Pan di Zucchero – Cala Domestica, are starting from our center in Punta Trettu.

With the Boat Tour to Masua – Porto Flavia – Pan di Zucchero – Cala Domestica  you will discover one of the most fascinating landscapes in Sardinia, starting from Funtanamare, the unique beaches of Masua and Porto Flavia, the wonderful beach of Cala Domestica and the the unique rock of Pan di Zucchero.

With the Boat Tour to Carloforte you will discover the San Pietro island, the famous island of Tuna Fish. You will have a boat trip around the island of San Pietro , one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean, with a multicolor sea, from light blue to turquoise to the deepest blue. You will explore the island coast and its rocky caves, coves and cliffs. You can admire Punta delle Oche, Mezzaluna, Le Colonne, Capo Sandalo, Calalunga and Cala Vinagra, and the beaches of Bobba, Lucchese, Guidi, Punta Nera, Girin and Giunco.

Rental Boat

Are you able to drive a boat and would you and your friends like to discover the coast of Sardinia driving a boat by yourselt? Rent a Boat from us.

Our Company offer Rental Boat Services in Cagliari, the Capital of Sardinia Island, and in Punta Trettu, in the south-west coast of Sardinia.

From Cagliari you can easily reach the beautuful beaches of Mari Pintau, Geremeas, Torre delle Stelle, Solanas, Cabo Boi and also Villasimius.

From Punta Trettu you can easily reach Masua and Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica, the Beaches of Sant’Antioco, Carloforte, Porto Pino, Teulada, Porto Zafferano and the beaches of Chia.


On days and on hours of the day when the wind is not blowing and the sea is calm like a lake, our company offers the possibility of practicing and learning Wakeboard. We offer this service in Cagliari and Punta Trettu.
For people wishing to learn, the Wakeboard lessons include all equipment, theoretical lessons both on the ground and on the boat and practice with particular focus on the techniques of starting from the water, trim on the board while navigating, slalom in the wake of the boat. However the x.
The duration of Wakeboarding lessons is normally one hour.

Rental Bike

Are you on holiday in Sardinia and you don’t like to give up your passion for cycling? Would you like to relax or spend some time exploring Sardinia by mountain bike? Our Bike Rental service is what you need!

Actually we offer the Rental Bike in our center in Punta Trettu, in the south west of Sardinia. From Punta Trettu you could visit vineyards, salt marshes and other beautiful nearby places including Sant’Antioco and Portoscuso.

Beach Volley

At the center of Punta Trettu, in addition to the relaxing area and to the many activities, we also offer to our guests the possibility of enjoy the beach volley, to practice in the free and relax moments with friends and other customers.

Use of the Beach Volley Camp is free for our guests.

Other activities proposed by our partners

Horse Riding Tours, Horse Riding Lessons

Just few minutes from our Kite & Surf Center in Punta Trettu, it is located the “Maneggio S’Arcireddu“, our horse riding school partner.

S’Arcireddu horse riding school organizes equestrian activities such as horseback riding, riding lessons for beginners and horse trekking.
Riding lessons take place in the stables and last 45 minutes.
The excursion on horseback can last from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of 3 hours.

Scuba Diving

Do you like to enjoy scuba diving during your holidays in Sardinia? You can take advantage of the services proposed by our partner “Coral Reef Diving center” in Sant’Antioco. This scuba diving center offers scuba diving courses and guided dives to discover the most famous diving sites in South Sardinia.